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Whatsapp Payment Services: How to Use, Complete Process

This year was full of surprises from IT world. Many companies have given different surprises to their user. talking about whats app, it has given us many updates this year. This freeware, end to end encrypted system has given us the facility that we can send and receive text, GIF, contacts and voice notes  to another person. There is everything we need in whats app. But whats app want to give us more and more.

Whatsapp Payment Services

Friends, if you all are frustrated with the current payment systems, which need a large space for breathing in your phone, then you don’t have to worry about it because you can manage these apps in one app. It has been told by our sources that whatsapp is now going to launch its own payment method. by this facility of whats app, you can send or receive money from anyone. The only thing you need is the phone number which has been added to your bank account number.

How to use whatsapp payment service

As earlier told that what you need is your phone number which is given in your bank account. To use this service follow these simple steps-

step1 for whatsapp payment system: your details

Sign up to the account on whats app  for the payment section, fill up your name, whats app number and Adhaar number in the registration form.

whatsapp payment system: bank details

The next step is to filling your bank details- bank name , account number, IFSC code and the number which has been given to your account.

whatsapp payment system: verification

it is the verification step for the bank account connection to your whatsapp, a verification code will be sent to the number which is registered in bank. Type the verification code and now you are able to access the whatsapp payment system.

By this method, you can send money to another’s bank account and receive it also because you bank account is now fully connected with your whatsapp.

Another method for whatsapp payement system/future aspects-

If these step seems longer to you or you don’t remember your phone number registered in your bank account,whats app is bringing you more ease to access your account, you can add whatsapp to your BHIM app or UPI app. and also if your bank account is seeded with you aadaar card, then you can pay with your adhaar number also.




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