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Vodafone FLEX Prepaid Plans FLEX 325/ 700/ 1200 FLEX 1750 (Balance Check)

Vodafone India has introduced NEW FLEX recharge (All-In-One) for Voice Calls, Internet, SMS and Roaming. This is only application for Prepaid Subscribers. The Vodafone FLEX Prepaid Plans is best describe as FLEX points – these FLEX points are FLEX 325 FLEX 700 FLEX 1200 FLEX 1750. 

Value of FLEX Units (Vodafone).

  • 1 FLEX UNIT is equal to >>> 1 MB 4G/3G/2G Internet or 1 SMS or 1-minute call on roaming incoming.
  • 2 Flex Unit is equal to >>>> 1 minute Local/STD Call or 1-minute call on roaming outgoing

Vodafone Prepaid FLEX Plans Oct 2016.

  1. Flex 325: Recharge Amount is Rs 123, Validity: 28 Days
  2. Flex 700: Recharge Amount is Rs 198, Validity: 28 Days
  3. Flex 1200: Recharge Amount is Rs 298, Validity: 28 Days
  4. Flex 1750: Recharge Amount is Rs 396, Validity: 28 Days

How can I use my FLEX plan?

The vodafone subscriber can use this FLEX Prepaid plans very easyly. After recharging with amount (FLEX) you can enjoy calls, SMS, Internet and National Roaming. All you need to do is a recharge and you will get FLEX in your balance. Now use as per your needs and FLEX will get deducted.

Say, if you recharges with 325 FLEX and use 15 MB of data, 15 FLEX would be consumed leaving a balance of 310. Further, you use 10 minutes of calling on STD where, a total of 20 FLEX would get deducted leaving a balance of 290 FLEX. This way, the FLEX units would keep on deducting basis the customer’s usage. The FLEX units can be carry foward to next month, if customer recharge before the expiry of first flex.


How can I check my FLEX balance?

You have various methods by which you can check you FLEX balance.

  • USSD : Dial *111# or *199#
  • IVR : Dial 199
  • Log in to My Vodafone App/ Web
  • What happens if my FLEX balance or validity gets over?

Once your FLEX balance or validity get over, deductions for calls and data usage would be from core balance at standard tariffs. You can recharge with FLEX before the validity gets over to carry forward all your unused FLEX.

Will all usage be deducted from FLEX?

For ISD Calls, International Roaming, International SMS, Special Downloads, Ringtones and VAS services deduction will occur from the core balance

What data speeds would I get on FLEX plan?

Data speeds depends upon the handset you are using and the network preferences enabled in your handset. FLEX is compatible with both 2G and 3G/4G and 1 FLEX would be deducted for 1 MB of usage irrespective of 2G/3G/4G being used.e purchased which makes the FLEX deduction on incoming calls on roaming as zero.

Can I purchase internet pack if I am on FLEX?

Yes, you may buy an internet pack even if you are on FLEX. In such scenario, consumption will occur from your pack first. Once it is over, consumption for Internet would start from FLEX.

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