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Vodafone 4G offers and Plans 2017 : Free voice calling

Vodafone 4G offers and Plans 2017 : Free voice calling

One of the key player of Indian Telecom market, Vodafone India is all buckled up to join the race of cheap internet service providers with free voice calling. After getting a hefty funding of 7.1 Billion USD (47,700 crore INR) from its parent organization which is one of the biggest infusion of FDI in indian market, Vodafone is all set the counter the Reliance JIO with its Vodafone 4G offer new year 2017.

As per the speculations, Vodafone new year plan 2017 may include Vodafone free voice calling plan 2017 in which the entry plan cost may revolve around 149/- INR as this is the lowest entry plan offered by Reliance JIO and latest news says that BSNL has also planned to reply back to Reliance Jio by launching BSNL free voice calling plan in 2017 which would be cheaper than 149/- INR.

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VODAFONE Offers and Plans 2017

Now since the vodafone India has reinforced with hefty funding, it will be interesting to see the contest for free voice calling and 4g internet services. Vodafone may start Vodafone free 4g internet (UPTO a Limit) with free voice calling/ Vodafone Broadband with free voice calling or Vodafone 4G dongle with unlimited internet.

It should be noted that Vodafone India is among the most notable mobile service providers in Indian Telecom Market, And after the launch of Reliance JIO free voice calling welcome offer, there was a huge pressure on all mobile network providers including vodafone to match the contest.

This Huge infusion of FDI ($ 7.1 Billion) from parent company, Vodafone India shall definetly come up with Vodafone new year 2017 plan/ Vodafone free voice calling offer 2017/ Vodafone 4G offer with free voice calling 2017  to secure its position in indian telecom market.

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