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Reliance Jio will increase the sale of smartphones, Know How

Reliance Jio Plans to increase the sale of smartphone

Mumbai. 4-G services before launching Reliance Jio is discussed. The latest news is that the Mukesh Ambani firm three months of free data and voice service for all smartphone companies have decided to partner with. The country’s telecom market is said to be the first deal of its kind. However, the Indian market will have an impact on the business.  Ok let’s take a look at those aspects associated with Reliance Jio can impact the market –

  1. According to analystson reliantce, Reliance want to put the interest of customers interest in buying the smartphones through its newly started operation known as Reliance Jio. The company is planning that, they can attract the customers towards smartphones by launching many exciting offers through Reliance Jio.
  2. According to the retailer, the company has tied up with Samsung has started selling the devices in the entire country . Subsequent the scheme is launched with the Samsung handsets known as  Xiao scheme (Note Series, S-7 series and A-series involving mid- and high-end smartphone). After applying this plan sales have increased by 15-20 per cent and the company is expecting more profit with this plan in the future.
  3. Today, with 15 million subscribers of Reliance Jio was made by the end of the financial year is expected to reach 3 million.
  4. Xiao country is keen to deal with all the smartphone makers. Along with those handsets are being finalized, which will support the service better.
  5. Company officials claim that three months after the trial, most consumer choices of mobile number portability.
  6. The company is focusing on its free Live app from your SIM card on non-smartphone 4G VoLTE service.
  7. Live Test of 4G technology is the handsets. His focus is on dual-SIM models, the second connection is the preferred choice of the customers live.

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