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Reliance JIO 4G WIFI Hotspot not working : Solutions and Tricks

Reliance JIO 4G WIFI Hotspot not working : Solutions and Tricks

Reliance 4G Hotspot issues and Solutions

So finally you get your Reliance JIO 4G Sim activated online or offline and now all set to ride the 4G internet high speed network. But wait what if the WIFI hotspot you have planned to use is not working ? It will dismantle the whole enthusiasm but don’t worry in this article we are going to give you information about what to do when reliance JIO 4G Hotspot wifi stop working/ reliance JIO 4G WIFI Hotspot not connecting. Also the tricks to keep yourself updated about the speed and performance of your reliance JIO 4G sim.

If you are facing problems with your Reliance JIO 4G WIFI Hotspot please follow the below stated steps and comment your experience and results below:

Step-1 : Go to the setting of your phone and select “MORE” option.

Step-2 : Then go to CELLULAR NETWORKS –> ACCESS POINT NAMES and select JIO 4G from the list of Access points.

Step-3 : When you select JIO 4G, Edit Access Point option will be opened and then scroll down and click on “APN PROTOCOL” and in APN Protocol you have to select IPv4 option.

Step-4 : Now click on ” APN ROAMING PROTOCOL” and select IPv4 option.

Step-5 : Now go back to the home screen of your phone and restart the phone.

HOPE this will solve your problem and your Reliance JIO 4G wifi Hotspot will start working successfully. But if in case your problem persist, kindly comment below and we shall resolve it. ENJOY !!!


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  1. Not connecting just trying connecting

  2. Hi,

    I have tried your proposed solution and still I have been facing same issue since last 10 days.

    I have been using JIO Flame2 model.

    I observed one thing that, I am doing office work. If I don’t connect to office then I am getting good speed sometimes only. If I connect then speed goes down,

    Please help me how to proceed?

    Siva K

  3. still not working !!! my device is moto g3

  4. I tried the settings you mentioned but it still throws the problem as Authentication problem.

    Please let me know what should I do.

    Mobile: OnePlus 3
    Connecting to OnePlus one

  5. Hey it’s working in Sony e4g….. thank u

  6. in infocus bingo 50+ jio calling working but internet is not working

  7. I recently connected my laptop, windows 7, to Jio wifi router. i find my skype is not connectable. but it works well with ACT broadband connection. skype works in my windows phone too. my outlook and internet is fine.
    how do i resolve my skype issues

  8. Not working on le2

  9. I’m purchase new Hotspot but not got speed.. what i do

  10. jio 4g not working in there in wifi what solution

  11. I just followed what you said …but I could not get hotspot on my phone

  12. JIo wifi performance is decreasing by the day, especially when using laptop with wiFi Hotspot

  13. Still not connected my device is oppoj3

  14. my jio hotspot is not good speed only 20kbps

  15. my reliance jio hot spot is functioning from last 8 days
    patil ny

  16. my reliance jio hot spot is not working from last 8 days

  17. now a days reliance jio hot spot speed is dropped drastically and its too less

  18. My device is redmi 2 and when I on mobile data and hotspot, hotspot switches on and off continuously
    I want to connect WiFi to my pc pls help

  19. m using jiofi device for my laptop but whenever m connecting device … its connected as no internet or limited

  20. I am not able to send mails from “Outlook” with Jio dongle, Not even a test mail.
    if I connect to wifi or mobile hotspot I am able to send them very fast.

    Any solutions for this?

    • Try a different SMTP (outgoing) port number: try changing the port from 25 (the default) to 80. I had the same problem when i changed the default smtp port from 25 to 80 it worked

    • Try 465 or 587.. for SMTP Port

      587 worked for me on Relince Jio.

  21. still it is not connecting.. my phone is panasonic p81 and airtel sim. my dad using jio sim. 3months back i could access my dad jio hotspot to my phone. but now it is not connecting…

  22. not connet jiofi call in my iphone 5s y

  23. The Giofi is connecting with my laptop, but it stopped working on my I phone all of a sudden.
    Please help.

  24. Still not working model LS-4503 lyf flame……help

  25. I have Lyf flame and I can’t switch on my portable hotspot. After switching on from the shortcuts I don’t get the activation alert and its not even visible on other devices what to do?

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