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Reliance Jio 4G Prepaid & Postpaid All India 2017 New Plans

As Reliance Jio has become the biggest data and unlimited calling provider for of now, everyone is going for the plans of Jio. Reliance Jio is the 1st Telecom company who has started the unlimited 4G data and calling plans for the users. And now it has lots of Plans according to the different needs of users. Jio has also planned the new best offers for postpaid customers. All the Prepaid and postpaid users can take advantage of the 4G plans from Reliance Jio. See all the latest Plans for Reliance Jio 4G on this page.

Jio 4G Latest Prepaid/ Postpaid Offers

Reliance-Jio-4G-for-postpaid-and-prepaid-Reliance Jio or RJIL has started for the unlimited data providing scheme in 2017 and then all the telecom companies copied it. And now the scenario of the telecom industry is that every company needs to be best to stand in this industry. That means every telecom company has that strategy with the best offers and plans that can attract users. Every company who has the best plans for postpaid and prepaid users is the winner of this time. Reliance Jio has tried very well in this race. Here are the latest Prepaid and Postpaid Offers for all the Jio users. Check these plans and choose for you which suits you the best.

jio triple cashback offerReliance Jio Tripple Cashback Offer

Reliance Jio is not getting down. It has proved that Reliance Jio contains still the best offers. It is back again with its latest offer. The biggest telecom company has again brought a new and exciting cashback offer. You can get 100% cashback on the Reliance Jio Triple Value Cashback offer. Get this offer on every recharge from one of the best offers from Jio. See all the details regarding this offer here. Get cashback for every recharge on Reliance Jio. Read More.

Jio 459 Plan; Unlimited Data And Calling

JIO 459 OFFERThe new and the latest plan from Reliance Jio is 459 offer. In this Plan, all the prepaid users can get Unlimited access to the internet and get free voice calling either it is Local or STD. Jio has changed many of its Plans and also it has added new plans for the users recently. The new plan has the same offer like the previous offers but at the different cost. If you want to know more about Jio 459 Plan, then check it here. Reliance Jio 459 Plan.

Reliance Jio Diwali 100% Cashback Offer

To promote the company Reliance Jio has given a 100% cashback offer to all the prepaid users as the Diwali gift. Jio has given free data and calling from its 100 % cashback Diwali offer. The offer has just cost 399 Rs. Many users have recharged their sim from this offer. And still enjoying this offer of Diwali. Check the offer availability and cashback here. Reliance Jio Diwali 100% cashback offer.

New! Jio 153 Plan

jio 153Jio has brought the latest and valuable offer for the new Jio Phone launched recently by the Reliance Jio. It is one of the latest Plans from Jio. But this Plan is for some specific users. If you want to get this Plan or want to know this offer, then check it here. Reliance Jio 153 Plan.

Latest Jio 499  Offer

The Jio 499 offer is the revised offer for the prepaid users. In this offer, the users can get the unlimited data and free voice calling for the validity of 91 days. In this offer, you will get  1 GB data per day for 91 days. That means you will get 91 GB data for 91 days. You will get free unlimited calling also for 91 days with local calling as well as STD calling. So, enjoy this offer before it lasts.

New Reliance Jio 509 Plan 

Is 1 GB per day is less for you? It’s Okk, no need to worry. Jio has another Plan for it also. Reliance Jio will give you 2 GB data per day with the same plan for voice calling. That means you will get the unlimited voice calling for Local and STD. In Jio 509 Plan, users will get Unlimited data as 2 GB data per day for 49 days i.e. they will get 98 GB data for 49 days. After 2 GB in a day, the data speed will reduce to 128 kbps. So, enjoy this unlimited data from Jio now.

Jio 4G 3 GB/day Offer

Jio has always cared for its user’s need and always contained plans like this. If you think that 2 GB/ day data is also less for you, then Jio has this plan also. In this Plan, you can get 3 GB 4G data per day with the unlimited calling plan for 1 month. And this plan has the cost of  Rs. 799 only. In which you can enjoy 3 GB unlimited data daily with unlimited calling. Get this latest offer in 799 only. If you need to get 4 GB data per day, then just wait for sometime and Jio will let you enjoy this offer also.

Get 70 GB 4G Free Data Free From Jio 

free data from lyfGreat surprise from Jio! Reliance Jio is providing 70 GB extra, 4G  data for free. This free data also contain some terms and condition to use it. Know how to get 70 GB free data from the Reliance Jio. All the users either they are the Prime member or non-prime member of Jio or either if they are new customers, can enjoy this offer. Get all the details about this plan from here.  JIO Latest Offer FREE 72 GB 4G Data

4G Postpaid Plan Reliance Jio

As like every other telecom postpaid plans, Jio has also quite expensive plans than the prepaid plans. As there is tax added in all the postpaid plans. Check out all the postpaid plans from here.  Jio 4G Postpaid Plans. Here we are providing you some of the postpaid plans for all the Reliance Jio users.

Jio Plans Rs.149 Rs.499 Rs.999 Rs.1499 Rs.2499 Rs.3999 Rs.4999

Free Voice

Unlimited Local | STD
Roaming to any network in India

4G Data 0.3 GB
Unlimited at Night
4 GB
Unlimited at Night
10 GB
Unlimited at Night
20 GB
Unlimited at Night
35 GB
Unlimited at Night
60 GB
Unlimited at Night
75 GB
Unlimited at Night
WiFi Data (JioNet Hotspot) 0.7 GB 8 GB 20 GB 40 GB 70 GB 120 GB 150 GB

JIO Apps

Subscription worth Rs.1,250

Unlimited SMS (L+N)
ISD minutes Rate cutter Rate cutter 30 mins + Rate cutter 50 mins + Rate cutter 80 mins + Rate cutter 100 mins + Rate cutter
Validity of Pack (Days) Billing Cycle Billing Cycle Billing Cycle Billing Cycle Billing Cycle Billing Cycle

 1 Month Jio Pack

Other than 3 months or 91 days validity offer, Jio also has the offer for 1 month. The users who don’t need more data can go through this. In this Plan, you will get 4.2 GB total data. That means you can consume 0.15 GB data per day. Although this pack gives you unlimited calling for 28 days with 300 free SMS. This offer is good for the users who want to use calling and SMS more than data for only 1 month.

Jio Short Duration 4G Packs

Many users want to use the same unlimited calling offer for short duration. Reliance Jio has this plan also for its users. You can use the same plan for 1, 7 and 14 days in with different prices. This plan gives you the free unlimited voice calling but different data plan and SMS. Here is the list of these Plans-

Offer Price Voice Calling Data Data at High-Speed data per day SMS Validity
1.  Rs.149 Unlimited Unlimited 4.1 GB 0.15 GB 300 28 days
2. Rs.98 Unlimited Unlimited 2.1 GB 0.15 GB 140 14 days
3. Rs.52 Unlimited Unlimited 1.05 GB 0.15 GB 70 7 days
4. Rs.19 Unlimited Unlimited 0.15 GB 0.15 GB 20 1 day

 Best Jio Large Packs

jioJio has also large Packs for the customers. You can enjoy the same unlimited calling and data value for a long validity without getting panic. Recharge with one of these Plans and forget to recharge your phone again and again. Check out these plans from this table and choose the best plan suitable to you-

Offer Price Voice Calling Data Data at High-Speed data per day SMS Validity
1. Rs.799 Unlimited Unlimited 84 GB         3GB Unlimited 28 days
2.  Rs.999 Unlimited Unlimited 60 GB               – Unlimited 90 days
3. Rs.1999 Unlimited Unlimited 125 GB               – Unlimited 180 days
4. Rs.4999 Unlimited Unlimited 350 GB               – Unlimited 360 days
5. Rs.9999 Unlimited Unlimited 750 GB               – Unlimited 360 days


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