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JioFi Wifi Dongle & JioJoin (Jio4GVoice) Configuration: Process to Activate

Activate Jio4GVoice with JioFi or Jio Wifi Dongle: In this article www.4gsim.in is providing simple steps to activate & configure Jio Join free calling app (Android or iOS) so that you can call from your mobile free of cost by using Jio4GVoice Apps. As many of you are not having 4G enable LTE or VoLTE support in your smartphone. You can buy Reliance JIO Wifi Dongle called JioFI from any Digital Mini Xpress or Reliance Digital Showroom. The price of JioFi device is Rs 1999/- (Rs 2000) not Rs 4050/. If you haven’t activated your SIM for JioFi, please go to your nearest Digital Xpress store with Adhaar Card Number for online verification called E-KYC. This is online Know your costomer intriducted by the JIO team. After the E-KYC, your sim is acticvated in 10-12 hours.

Configure Jio4GVoice with JioFI: Process.

Before going further in this article, at time time we are assuming that your JIO 4G SIM is activated and you are using DATA (internet) with Wifi device. If yes, you can read the steps to activate Jio4GVoice and if NO then you have to call the customer care & tell them your activation number SMS (on alternate number). or you can comment below.

Important: Activate Jio SIM Televerify on 1977 to activate your Jio SIM

As your internet is working fine on JIOFI WIFI dongle.

Step 1: If you have installed the JIO4GVoice (just uninstall it) First.

Step 2: Clear the Cache/ Data from Apps section of Settings.

Step 3: Re-Install the JioJoin (Jio4GVoice) app or iOS apps only using JIO WIFI Internet (important).

Step 4: After installing, you get OTP on your alternate mobile number (as provided by you at the time of SIM activation – E-KYC).

Step 5: After the submission of 5 digit OTP click on Proceed.

Step 6: Now, you can check the status of SIM on JIO4GVoice (Active).

Hurray, You can now call free of cost using JIO4G Voice App.

Note: This facility is only avaialble if you are using JIO internet.

If you face any problem or your JIO4GVoice app is not activating Free Calls, just comment below. All the best.

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  1. Tried all steps but still not configure with my 3g phone . registration step process on 4gvoice app and again appear configure page,not getting otp on alternative no.

  2. Hlo am srinath i have jio 4g sim i can use only internet from this jio sim when i enteren into the jio 4g voice app its shows configure jio 4g voice ….what is the solution for this….

  3. Cannot find JioJoin/Jio4gVoice app in ios app store!

  4. Hi I’m using redmi 1s and jiofi device. I have installed Jio 4g voice and I tried to configure Jio 4g voice app but the registration to the Jio sim in the jiofi is not successful. I tried 100 times but the problem remains same.i have also reinstalled the app many times and cleared memory in the setting but no result… Please tell me how to solve this issue?

  5. I bought jio dongle 2 it come with jio sim after 2 day but stil my internet is not working it red light of network is blinking ,is ther any verification process in jio dongle 2?

  6. Tried all steps but still not configure with my 4G
    phone .

  7. i install jio4gvoice but during activation says: configure Jio4Gvoic using the number of sim in this phone.
    my mobile is micromax canvas tab P107

  8. i install jio4gvoice but during activation says: configure Jio4Gvoic using the number of sim in this phone.
    my mobile is micromax canvas tab P107


  9. I have verified my SIM of Jiofi. However to login in My Jio app it is sending OTP on the same number which is installed in Jiofi. Also, I have tried to put that SIM in 4g mobile instrument to get OTP. But there is no network signal. Please advice

  10. I have the same problem jio4gvoice app show offline …..I tried 200 time…….plz anyone can help me…

  11. I am using redmi note there is some problem in registration in jio4gvoice app

  12. I’m using jiofi .. but my jio4gvoice uninstall my mobile . Reinstall and configure but not access .please halp how to activate my jio4g voice

  13. I have tried to install the jio 4g voice..and i am getting OTP to my alternative mobile number…but i am not getting any place for entering that OTP.. and jio4gVoice showing offline. I am getting data services fine..please solve…

  14. I am not able to connect the jio4gvoice by following the instructions also not able to make any query call with it.

  15. I think its a technical fault as I am also facing the same problem from the time of purchase JioFi.
    I have done E KYC for activation and my Data is working fine as Jio TV also working fine.

    BUT JIO4GVoice not registering SIM through JIOFI

    I already registered complaint regarding this many time but every time they assured for solve problem with in 48 HRS but no progress till date.

    Please all of you at any how do technical complaint regarding this to JIO otherwise they wont take this matter seriously.

  16. Sir I have Gio wifi dongle I have downloaded gio4g voice app it asks otp but otp not come in my alternative mobile and how to change my alternative mobile number…

  17. Sushant Pradhan

    I bought a jio fi 2 device. I have activated jio sim through eKYC on 27th September 2016,my net data is activated , but I am unable to activate voice call through Otp televerification, I have not received OTP code or any messages from alternative airtel number 9102270189,my aadhar no. is 769302766703.I do not know my jio number also. Customer care number not responding, facing problem please solve this problem.

  18. I have jiofy with corporate card. So don’t given any alternative number. Now to active 4gvoice without OTP..

  19. How to televerify jiofi sim although jio4gvpice is offline

  20. Sankar Pattnaik

    joi 4g voice app in my Iball Slide 4GL continuously restarting after registration with jio sim inside JIOFI.

    not able to do voice call

  21. Bhanu Pratap Singh

    While configuring, they are asking for otp which is sent to my alternative no. But my alternative no. Is not working.. How i can register other no. So that i can get otp????

  22. I didn’t get otp code .installed 4g lte app I m using honor 5c.I m using jiofi

  23. Asutosh Bhartia

    Hi my phone shows offline on jio4gvoice, internet works fine but not able to make call

  24. my jio fi shows offline in jio4gvoice and unable to do call why???and my data and voice service is activated

  25. Hi I’m using redmi 1s and jiofi device. I have installed Jio 4g voice and I tried to configure Jio 4g voice app but the registration to the Jio sim in the jiofi is not successful. I tried about 100 times but the problem remains same.i have also reinstalled the app many times and cleared memory in the setting but no result… Please tell me how to solve this issue?

  26. I am receiving OTP on my alternate mobile no. and not able to activate jio4gvoice.
    Please suggest what to do?

  27. I tried it am getting the otp bt jio4gvoice showing that need configuration update i cleared the data gone in setting disable it bt its nt working

  28. Jio internet is active on my Iball Snap 4g2 tab. I downloaded Jio4gVoice from MyJio App. But it is not getting Configured at all.
    The dialog says “Registering your device ..it may take some time” and then it simply goes into infinite loop.
    Even to uninstall it, i had to take great efforts because of the above problem.

    What is the procedure to configure it correctly? Do I have to use somebody else’s WIFI connection instead of my Mobile Data(Jio)?

  29. I am getting problem in installation of jio4g voice…after installing it’s opening but nt going to next step

  30. calling tell tha your balance is empty and now recharge.
    sir give solution for this……..

  31. Tried all steps..but app doesnot ask for oTp..please help

  32. i have jiofi & using net with no problem . i download jio4Gvoice after instalation message come inset a jiosim
    Or connect to a jiofie with jiosim.
    But it already conected further nothing going on . i m using micromax canvas nitro 3 phone

    • Can u tell me that i have completed all steps nd i am able to make call but only one thing i want to ask if i switch off my jio fi nd after some time again i connect to jiofi nd want to make call then again the otp will be sent to alternate number or it just for first time

  33. When opening jio4Gvoice, it says “please connect to a jiofi network or please enter a jio sim in the mobile”
    I am already connected to the jiofi and the voice calling works when the sim is in my phone, however it does not work when the sim is in jiofi, it is not even recognized.

  34. Don’t make call via jio4gvoice
    Showing Provisioning configuration update required
    So please solve this problem above process use but not ok jio4gvoice show offline

    • This issue is with sim card and not with phone. get your sim replaced and it will start working on jio4g voice app.

  35. I m using jiofy for my ipad air 2. I want to play videos from my memory card of jiofy Tell me solu5ion for this issue its not playing videos , songs too in my ipad only.

  36. Hello sir/madam,
    I dnow know the alternate no. So what can i do for registering my jiofi wifi on my 3g phone and make free calls.. plsss help me.. if possible place my alternate no. 09622370677

  37. Tried all steps many times but still not configure with my 3g phone . registration step process on 4gvoice app and again appear configure page, not getting OTP on alternative no.
    Can i change my alternate number. why i am not receiving the OTP while configuring

  38. Not getting otp on alternaye number given at the time of sim activstion for jiofi

  39. i removed my bio sim from my mo. after this
    again jio insert and now jio4gvoice is not working

  40. couldnot get opt

  41. I am not receiving OTP to my alternative mobile number for JIOFI m2 router… What should i do for that..?

  42. S.Arun prasath kumar

    Not receiving otp trying more than two days .not able to setup voice call using jiofi 3dongle .my jiofi number is

  43. I am not having a 4g mobile then how can i view the otp sent to the sim on a laptop

  44. Even though i have both jio 4g sim and JIO FI, am not able to get the jio sim online which is there on the mobile if i connect to JIO FI. Unable to register JIO FI Modem with JIO 4g Sim, what is the procedure or process to sync. My number is 7904257351…PLS Help

  45. It is askin me to connect to a jioFi with jio sim in it but itvis already connected to a JioFi network!

  46. My alternative mobile no.9031406325
    Jio no.7004875916
    Jio4Voice apps downloaded already in my Samsung galaxy grand i9082 phone which is 4.2 version android gellybean .but voice application does not work.

  47. I had forgotten that which alternate number I gave while activating my sim for jiofi.

  48. I want to change my alternative number
    Pls tell me how

  49. I am using jiofi2. I can’t use jio call only use internet.
    My jio4gvoice app can’t demand any otp.
    So i can’t forward jio4gvoice app.
    Please help!
    What’sapp no. – 9807982214

  50. Jio makes us fool by telling that enjoy HD calling and msg by using jio fi with any 2G/3G smartphone..

  51. Tried all steps but still not configure with my 3g phone . registration step process on 4gvoice app and again appear configure page,not getting otp on alternative no
    By using jiofi

  52. I followed all the step but first the app shows registering but again the menu comes amd sjows jio sim joifi

  53. It is asking me to registering to a jioFi with jio sim in it but its already connected to a JioFi network!

  54. The configure problem facing in jio4gvoice app. I used jio sim by the jiofi device.

  55. My device cannot configure jiofi from few days, free days before I was able to connect and make call. I am able to use data but not calling features.

  56. I have installed that jio 4G voice call. N it was working but i unistalled that app. Then i installed it again now the OTP is not coming to my alternate number. And it is still showing configure jio4gvoice after following these instructions as given above

  57. I had configured it many times and was using call services for 1 month but i took the sim out and then started configuring again but it now it is not happening at all… Every time i try it goes back to configuration page

  58. Tried all steps but still not configure with my 3g phone . registration step process on 4gvoice app and again appear configure page,not getting otp on alternative no.

  59. I hv changed my jio fi alternate no aftet changing jio 4g voice nt obtain otp nt confuger plz help me to make a call properly

  60. I didn’t give any alternate number…how to change that …pls reply

  61. Unable to get opt on my alternate mobile number. Opt send to my jio sim number which is in jifi router. Need help

  62. Admin ji ye ti batavo ki Alternative mobile no konsa hoga or kese mere jiofi me Alternative no register karu JIOFI me Internet to chal raha h kese mere 3G set pr me Jio4Gvoice app call ke liye use kr sakta hu
    Waha Reliance Miniplix SIM Card dene wale ne koi no. Nahi manga tha.

  63. Please show steps in details which no. Will receive OTP and JIOFI me sim dali hui rakni h kya? Phir otp konse no. Pr ayega sim dene wale ne koi no. (Alternative) nhi manga tha.
    Plz Admin sahb batavo yaar.
    Whatsapp :7590809429

  64. Sir my alternate number is missing how to get otp

  65. Dont have alternate number. how to get OTP ?

  66. Sir I want change my alternate mobile no. which i had given at first time while i register for jio sim, because that time the alternate no.was not inserted properly/ or wrong entered. I am using jio device and not able to make call with my phone,,,,,,,,,

    Please sir held me…….

  67. oh finally after the 10th try, voice is activated! tested and working fine…

    i followed the same steps mentioned in the above article.

  68. I cannot get otp on my alternate no.

  69. Step 3 is most important
    then it is connected to to jio voice call activation

  70. Jio 4G voice not working by jio dongle. I didn’t receive one time password

  71. Unable to send otp please change alternative mobile number to a valid mobile number using my jio how can i solve it please tell me

  72. My jio 4g voice is not working now

  73. My jio 4g voice call otp is not coming

  74. Hello i reinstalled the app but this time i am not able to connect…pls provide specific solution.

  75. How to change jio alternative number for jiofi

  76. We r unable to use jiofi calling

  77. Sir,
    I am using Jio Dongle from last 5 months and 2 days before I tried to connect through the Jio Voice App but the problem is that the Dongle I had purchased was given to me by my office worker who is local person of Rajasthan and I work in Rajasthan (proper from Maharashtra) and now i do not know which alternate number had been given.
    please give some solution. I have the my Jio number is 8079000599.
    its urgent..

  78. how to get jio4voice otp on another phone number while connecting it with jiofi ?

  79. The jiosim
    Is installed in the jiofi device. But when i open the 4g voice it says sim
    Card not detected. What should i do

  80. i entered a jiofi and i entered alternate number and confirmed succesfully.
    but now i do not have that alternate no. with me and i installed jio 4gvoice in my another phone and i can not confirm . because i do not hav altrrnate number now so how can i confirm it.
    i m very sad .
    please help me inconfirming my new alternate no.
    where to change that alternate number.

  81. what can i do if i forgot the mobile number that i had given at the time of purchasing jiofi.

  82. iam using iphone 6s not working jio voice error jio sim not detected please inset a jio sim and retry

  83. So I have a moto Z that has a jio 4g sim in it but I also have a jioFi which I want to configure with my device via the Jio4gVoice and I was able to do it correctly. The only problem though is that it isn’t working, like, I cannot recieve SMS containing OTPs for Jio recharging and neither can I make calls. I had connected the wifi sim in another phone but that phone got damaged a few months ago. What could be the problem? Any solutions?
    PS, I have already tried setting it up over and over again. Whenever I set up the app it sends me an OTP for “finishing the configuration of the app” which I have no idea of.

  84. I am using new Jiofi

    OTP is not visible in the message (Empty) – In Alternate Number – Sender : JM-JIOOTP


    How to rectify?

  85. This worked for me… 🙂 Root cause: The Registered Mobile field was empty in the jio profile
    1. Registered and Logged in to jio.com [via a 4G voLTE phone for OTP]
    2. Navigated to Menu displayed with my Name near Support
    3. Selected Profile Settings >> Personal details
    4. Click “Verify” in the “Registered Mobile N.” field
    5. Entered alternate Mobile No. (if not there) Send OTP
    6. Verify with the received OTP
    7. Reset Jio4GVoive app and click the configure message
    8. OTP Received and Configuration Done!!!

  86. Hy how can I change mobile number which I registered with jeo?

  87. My previous sim is blocked and i cannt get the otp.how to change the number so that i can get the otp.and again start the 4g voice app

  88. Hi, i HV JioFi 3newer model.inserted a voice n data activated Jio Sim in it.But after installing jio 4G voice in my mobile, while configuring it shows, registering with jiofi sim, this process take some time. but after sometime it shows an error message,that, the jio SIM number is not valid.tried with other Jio Sim in the jiofi …same result.

  89. Mohamed Riyazudheen S

    My JioFi device named as BABY.

    I want to configure Jio4GVoice app in BlueStacks Version 3. I tried many times while configuring the Jio4GVoice it automatically detects the wifi as “JIOFI: BlueStacks”. It does not detect my JioFi name (BABY) and can’t able to change the wifi settings in Bluestacks application.

    Please help me how to configure Jio4GVoice using Jio Sim number in the JioFi device in BlueStack Version 3 application.

  90. I have iphone 5s, connected with jiofi and installed jio4gvoice on iphone 5s.

    When i opening the app it giving a message “ jio sik not detected. Insert jio sim and retry”.

  91. What to do if alternate number is not available
    So how can i get otp

  92. How to change alternative mobile number

  93. My alternet mobile number is missing…..how to intall jio 4g app

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