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New; Use Jio Incredible Coupon For Grocerry And Shopping From Brand

Reliance Jio is ready to create a boom for the new year. After the amazing plans of data and callings in telecom industries, it has another plan to introduce. Jio is making its place for online business also from the New Year 2018. Know all about its new strategy here.

Jio Changing the Way of Buying

This can be said as one of India’s biggest business battles. Amazon and Flipkart have dominated India’s online retail and also has taken India’s $650-billion retail sector. While the E-commerce sector constitutes only 3-4% and just 8% is controlled by some specific organized retailers such as Big Bazaar. The rest of the retail market has not been even touched by e-commerce.

What is the Plan Of Jio?

Jio is actually going to change the way of buying. It is going to talk to all the Kirana and consumers shops to deal with it. So, that the customers who are using Jio can take advantage of Jio in even shopping using Jio’s Digital Card. This Digital Card will get you lots of shopping offers and sale offers. Through this unique step, Reliance Jio is going to step in the consumer market. From here you can buy small products like Kirana things etc. as well as big products like TV, Fridge etc.
Whatever offers you get from Jio can be used on any of your nearby Brand shop or Kirana Store.

How Can Jio Coupon be Used For Shopping?

Company of Mukesh Ambani is interacting with Reliance Jio Kirana Store and many consumer brands. The company wants to start a model by talking with some stores and brands, in which customers can shop in nearby grocery/ Kirana stores with the help of Jio Money Digital Coupons. Reliance Jio will give that coupon to a certain brand to its customers and this coupon can be used by the Jio user to buy the goods from his nearby store. Also, Reliance Jio will provide a software to the stores, which will help to read the coupon in the stores.
According to India Franchise Report, online -garous segments are the fastest growing market in e-commerce in India. Amazon India is also planning to invest in India’s food market

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