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Jio 5G SIM News (Prepaid/ Postpaid) Download Speed of 10Gbps Launch in 2018

Are you waiting for 5G in India? Reliance Jio has already launched 4G commercially in September 2016. In span of 3 months, Jio Infocomm managed to get 10 crore subscribers in Jio4G network. The price war between Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, BSNL and Reliance Jio has been a great benefit to customers getting more data in lesser price. In February 2017, SAMSUNG said that it is going to partnership with Reliance Jio to launch 5G Mobile Communication network in India. As the LTE (long term evaluation) is also know as 4G network, whereas the 5G is said to be LONG-TERM EVALUATION ADVANCED (LTE-A) with 20Gbps speed peak downloading speed. At present there is no such network in world, but within 3-4 month the UK Telecommunication Authority is going to test the network capability and their implementation suitability in Europe.

रिलायंस जिओ 5G की सिम देने वाला है – 5 सेकंड में फिल्म होगी डाउनलोड . 1 सेकंड से कम समय में गाना होगा डाउनलोड- भारत में 5G 2018 में होगा लांच – ऐसे खबरें आ रही है की सैमसंग और रिलायंस जिओ इन्फोकोम्म पार्टनरशिप करेंगे. 

India is home of 1.30 billion people advanced with digital India and booming economy. The entry of Reliance Jio in telecom sector has become very fast and internet speed (Average) has been increased to 3.2Mbps. The heavy usage of internet among college students, employees, farmers is going to benefit in upcoming launch of 5G.

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5G SIM Speed in India

If you want to know the 5g Speed of Reliance Jio? Here is the expected 5G Downloading/ uploading speed. Download movie in just 1 second.


  • Downloading speed of 15 Gbps at peak rate (average is 10 Gbps).
  • Uploading speed of 5G SIM is going to be 10 Gbps (peak rate) and average of 5Gbps.
  • Spectral efficiency downlink – 25bps/Hz peak
  • Spectral efficiency uplink- 10bps/Hz peak

According to these research finding, it is expected that the user get around 100 Mbps of downloading speed. The 700 MB of movie can be downloaded in 7 seconds and uploading speed of 50 Mbps you can upload movie of 700 MB in 14 seconds.

Airtel 5G vs Jio 5G

In the speed wars, the Airtel has recently said that Global leader OOKLA has published news according to that AIRTEL 4G has greater speed and reach in India. Whereas the Reliance Jio said these reports are false and they can go to Hon’ble supreme court for false news. If we talk about the comparison of 5G SPEED Airtel vs Jio 5G SIM there is no report yet. In 2018, we are expected both these companies to launch 5G services in India.


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