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Hacker Group Says – Reliance Jio Selling Customer Details to USA China Pakistan

News: You may be interested in this breaking news regarding Reliance Jio is selling Customer Call Details to foreign countries ie USA & Singapore. The Hacker Group (Anonymous) has used Burp Suite Software as an testing tool for any web based software & apps. They have also posted screenshot showing how Reliance JIO 4G is selling or Using USA & Singapore data centers to route users calls using IP Technology. The customer details may include – Name/ Father’s Name/ Address/ Adhaar Number/ Jio Apps Details/ Usage History/ JioDrive .Pdf or videos/ Mobile number etc.


Mr. Mukesh Ambani has already described Jio is completely & purely IP-based telecom company. The Jio4GVoice/ MyJio/ JioJoin/ Chat or any App using internet protocol to provide. The Hackers from the infamous hacking group Anonymous have claimed that Reliance Jio apps are leaking user call data to foreign countries.

Hacker Twitter Jio 4G Apps 

The Hacker Group of India named Anonymous India (@redteamin ) claims that Reliance Jio is sending JIO APPS data to companies in the US and Singapore and has also listed a step-by-step guide for anyone to verify this themselves.


The Hacker group has used Software & other tools to check Jio Apps data flow. As per investigation, out team don’t very that JIO is send calling data to USA/ Pakistan/ China or any other countries. But, as this time, the Hacker group said Jio app is using third party SDK and not verifying what data the SDK is collecting and where it is sending. This violates the [sic] user privacy,” claims Anonymous.

Anonymous called out RJIL for sending unencrypted data from the Jio Chat app to servers located in China. This charge was immediately denied by the company, terming it “unfounded and malicious allegations against the Jio Chat App.

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