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How to Hack iPHONE/ iPAD activation lock iOS 10.1 Process

Since the inception of Apple iPhones and iPad, despite of its high prices, it claimed to have most secured device ever exist and also challenge to every potential hacker to hack the iPhone/ iPad. But Hemanth Joseph claimed to have done it, Now who is Hemantn Joseph ? He is a Security Researcher from state of Kerala (INDIA) Hemanth Joseph claimed to identified a bug in iOS 10.1 and iOS 10.1.1 versions of Apple Operating System.

New Bug iOS 10.1/ iOS 10.1.1

As per the latest reports by forbes, Hemanth bypassed the Activation Lock of a locked iPad running on iOS 10.1 by discovering a bug in device setup process. He also narrated the whole process by which he bypassed the activation lock in an iPad running iOS 10.1, Once this news spreaded every Apple user is certainly shocked to know that the device which they have bought thinking as the most secure device they are buying contains security bugs. In the below section step by step process of breaking the activation code of an iPhone/ iPad iOS 10.1 is given.

Activation Lock hacked ios-10-1
Activation Lock hacked ios-10-1

Process Hack Activation Code iOS 10.1

Step 1: Hemanth open the wi-fi network and when asked to select a WiFi network he chose other Networks

Step 2: Now he Selected WPA-2 enterprise type of network he is willing to connect

Step 3: Now he was asked to fill three fields “Name”, “Username” “Password”

Step 4; Now starts the real action, He guessed that if i enter thousands of character in name and WPA-2 enterprise key, this may cause the device to freeze and he did so, Guess what he was right the device got freeze when thousands of characters are filled in name and password field.

Step 5: So the iPad froze and then Hemanth Locked the device by using Apple smart Magnetic Cover over the screen.

Step 6: Hemanth began to work on making the setup process fail and that it would drop him on the home screen. With a little help from the magnetic catch in Apple’s Smart Cover and some practice to perfect the timing, Joseph succeeded.

He reported this to apple also and we hope apple inc. would surely have rectified it by now.

A similar bug was found with iOS 10.1.1 by Researchers of US Vulnerability lab which is also been reported to APPLE INC. for rectification.

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