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First Look @Rs 20 & Rs 50 New Notes – Available in ATM From 1st Jan 2017

RBI Official Announced New Notes of Value (20 & 50 INR) Indian Currency. Every one is very eager to have first look/ photo new Rs 20 & Rs 50 notes. After the Demonetization on 9th Nov 2016, the old Rs 500 & Rs 1000 notes legal tender was ended. Now, Govt is planning to introduce Rs 50/ Rs 20 new notes. In this article we are going to provide First Look/ Photo of New Rs 20/ Rs 50 notes.

FAQ (New Rs 20/ Rs 50 Notes)

a) I have old Rs 20/ Rs 50 notes. Do I have to deposit in Banks?

Ans: No, Your old notes Rs 20/ Rs 50 are still valid and can be used everywhere.

b) When the New Notes Rs 20/ Rs 50 notes are available in ATMS/ Banks?

Ans: The New Rs 20/ Rs 50 notes shall be available from 1st Jan 2017 (New Year), As per market news. (Please check latest notification of RBI for exact dates).

c) Can I withdraw Rs 20/ 50 Notes from ATM?

Ans: Yes, RBI & Govt is planning to make available of Rs 20/ 50 Notes in ATM’s also.

d) Is my old Rs 20/ Rs 50 notes are valid?

Ans: Yes, your old Rs 20/ Rs 50 notes are valid.

Photo of RBI New Notes ₹20 ₹50 notes

Every one is waiting to get First Look of Rs 50 & Rs 20 notes. Below are the specimen copy of Rs 20 and Rs 50 notes. You can get the new notes soon.

Specimen Copy Rs 20 Note (RBI)

RBI Rs 20 notes

Specimen Copy of RBI Rs 50 note

Below is the copy of New Rs 50 notes. We have got this note from Google Image.

RBI Rs 50 notes

Many users have done experiments ie. Color/ Water/ Boil & Fire test on Rs 2000/ and Rs 500 notes. The RBI has confirm that there Orginal Note would lose color with water. But there is fake news that within 3 years Rs 2000 note fades (all color is lost).

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