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Download Women Safety Raj Mahila Suraksha App BE SAFE

Download Raj Mahila Suraksha App Android/ iOS

Amidst of increased cases of attacks on women, Now you can carry your safety in your pocket by Downloading the government App of women safety and security launched by Rajasthan Government named as Raj Mahila Suraksha App which will send the emergency notification and alert at three locations immediately firstly at the nearest police station, The women’s Commission and one additional number of a family or a friend when activated. It can be activated merely by shaking or tapping the mobile thrice in case of any emergency since the girl may or may not be able to dial a number. You can download women safety app by govt from below given link and shake it whenever you feel unsafe.

Download Women Safety Raj Mahila Suraksha App iOS Android
Download Women Safety Raj Mahila Suraksha App iOS Android

Download Shake Women Safety App

You can download latest Women Safety app which gets activated by the shake or tap thrice and sends emergency alert to the the nearest police station, women commission and to your family or friend. To download the Raj mahila Suraksha App android and Raj Mahila Suraksha App iOS/ iPhone version, you can go to any of the given link and download it from here. Please download the Women Safety App by Government of Rajasthan named as Raj Mahila Suraksha App from the below given links :

Download Raj Mahila Suraksha App Android

Download Women Safety Govt App iOS

Use Raj Mahila Suraksha App Process

Here we will tell you about how to use Raj Mahila Suraksha App and complete process to set up the govt women safety Raj mahila suraksha app. The Step by Step process to install and use Raj mahila Suraksha App also termed as Government women safety app android and iOS is as follows :

  • Download Raj mahila suraksha app which is govt women safety app from play store if you are using android phone and from iOS itunes Apple app store if you are using iPhone.
  • Install the Raj mahila suraksha App and open it
  • Now register the app by entering the information as per the instructions on the screen and get yourself registered
  • Now go to login link and enter your login credentials and your mobile number
  • Enter your personal information as per the instructions on the screen
  • After completing the process now you are ready to use the app

Now whenever and wherever you feel insecure and need help just shake the mobile or tap thrice on the screen to send emergency alert to women commission, friend or family member and nearest police station for immediate help.


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