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Whatsapp Introduced Recall Or Delete for Everyone Feature

WhatsApp has recently introduced recall feature. Retract your WhatsApp chats in 7 minutes. Delete For Everyone option has been introduced by WhatsApp. All the WhatsApp user are informed to check the regular updates that when they can have this feature on their phones.

Whatsapp Recall Feature

Whatsapp has been blamed for this lack since a long time i.e you cannot retract your chat. This is actually the hilarious example but just think of it,  that you are typing a message for your friend and by mistake, this message is sent to your father. What will you do? Nothing is there you can do. But now WhatsApp has brought the Delete For Everyone Feature to get rid of these types of Problem. Latest News regarding whatsapp recall feature is published as:

Whatsapp New Feature

WhatsApp Delete For Everyone Feature

whatsapp recall featurteAfter a long time, WhatsApp has introduced the ‘Delete For Everyone’ Feature. This brilliant feature is also named as ’Recall or Revoke’ which will help you from being a fool or ashamed in front of anyone. From this feature, the user can recall his/her message in 7 minutes.  This feature not only can retract your chat but it can retract photo, video or any document in 7 minutes of sending. However, the user can edit only one message, the older messages cannot be edited.
As there are lakhs of people who use WhatsApp, this feature will take some time to reach in every country. Every user either he is an Android user, IOS user or windows user can have this feature.

Terms & Condition WhatsApp Recall or Revoke Feature

whatsapp recall featurteAlthough this will become a simple procedure to revoke or recall any message, GIF, video or any document on WhatsApp. But this needs some condition from you also. And there are many conditions that will be followed in this procedure. However, the company has not told the full procedure of Recall or revoke feature. Here are some of the terms & condition about this feature-

  • You will need the latest updated version of WhatsApp to use the Delete For EveryOne Feature.
  • You can recall your chat in 7 minutes but after that, the message will become irrevocable.
  • The user can only retract those chats in which both the users are using an updated version of WhatsApp.
  • The message which is in quotes cannot be deleted.
  • After deleting the message, the receiver will get the message’ This message was recalled’ and the sender will have the message as ‘you deleted this message’.

WhatsApp Recall like Gmail Undo Feature?

Everyone is asking that is the Gmail recall or undo function and WhatsApp recall function are same? As it has been told in above section that the company has not told about the full procedure of this feature. Gmail has the recall facility also called undo feature for its sent messages. But the maximum time of rewinding the message in Gmail is 30 seconds while WhatsApp is giving total 7 minutes to retract your message which is much time for any user.
WhatsApp is used in 50 languages from all over the world in which 10 languages are Indian language. Means there are many users of WhatsApp. So, it will take some time to reach every user. This update can save you from blunders and it will be soon on your phone also.

Recall Your WhatsApp Chat Process

Recall Your WhatsApp Chat Process As the ‘Delete For Everyone’ Feature has been announced, you can do it on your phone whenever it gets available. Here is the process to recall your chats from WhatsApp by which you can get your chat revoked-

  1. You have to be sure that you and another user whom you are chatting have the latest version of WhatsApp.
  2. Long hold/ select the chat which you want to delete in the 7 minutes of sending the message.
  3. It will show you options like copy, cut etc. and there will also the recall option there.
  4. Select the option and your sent message will be recalled.
  5. You will receive a message ‘ You recalled this message and the receiver will get ‘ this message was deleted’ message on WhatsApp.

Note: For more information visit this page regularly regarding the latest updates and news in WhatsApp.

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