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Whatsapp Introduced Recall Feature Now Retract your chat

Whatsapp Introduced Recall Feature Now Retract your chat

Whatapp has been blamed for this lack since a long time i.e we you  cannot retract your chat. For example, if you are typing a message for some ‘A’ and by mistake , you send that message to someone else. Then you cannot retract that message. Sometimes this mistake makes blunder.

 Whatsapp Recall Feature

Whatsapp has introduced a new feature named ’RECALL’ which will help you to stop doing the blunders. Using this feature, user can recall his/her message in 5 minutes. If you want to get more details about this feature, you can go to the website, ‘wabetainfo’. This is the website that check new features introduced.

Retract your chat in whatsapp

The independent told reffering to whatsapp that using this feature, user can retract his chat, photo, video or any document in 5 minutes of sending. According to the latest report, it has been told that whatsapp has added an option to edit your message in beta version. However, user can edit only one message, the older messages cannot be edited.

Gmail recall vs whatsapp recall

Gmail also gives the recall facility of its sent massage but gmail give maximum of 30 second to rewind your message that has been sent while whatsapp is giving total 5 minutes to retract your message which is much time for any user.

whatsapp is used in 50 langauges from all over the world in which 10 langauges are Indian language. Means there are many users of whatsapp, then obviously, blunder will be also more. So, if you have ever sent a message to the wrong person or have written a message wrongly and then there is no requirement to  curse your luck, this update can save you. This update or the recall feature will be soon in your phone also.




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