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New Rules Tax (50% or 85%) RBI Deposit Black Money/ Undeclared

RBI Deposit Slip/ Tax 50%  or 85% Penalty Rule – Rs 500/ Rs 1000 Currency Note Demonitization

29th Nov 2016 Tax Calculation.

Update 1: Now, here is the final TAX Calculation & Penalty on Undeclared Money (Old 500/ 1000) notes.

Update 2: Tax of 50%, if you go to bank with black money & deposit it.

Update 3: Tax & penalty of 85%, if you are caught with black money.

Update 4: Cash Withdrawal from Bank Limit is increased if you use Cheque.

new rule rbi

28-11-2016 ATM LIMIT & UPDATES.

The Reserver Bank of India has made clear that, if you deposit more than your income then you have to show valid source of income or get 60% income tax return.

Update 1: More than 1.5 lakh ATM have been calibrated.

Update 2: You can get Cash of Rs 2000/- from  Big Bazaar, INOX Cinema, Petrol Pump, ATM, Banks etc.

Update 3: The PM Modi said – We encourage Digital Transaction using NEtbanking, Debit Card, Credit Card, E-Wallet ie. PayTM, Jio Money, Ola Money, Airtel App, M-Pesa Vodafone, MobiKwik, FreeChage etc.

Update 4: The withdrawal LIMIT from BANK is Rs 2500/- and from bank 24000/- per week.

Update 5: As per RBI, in 4000 RBI Chest, the New Note Rs 2000, Rs 500 note has been sent (on saturday & sunday)

RBI Orders 26th Nov 2016.

On 26th Nov & 27th Nov All Banks are Closed. The customer has to use ATM to Withdraw money. The LIMIT is same Rs 2500/- per card/ daily.

Update 1: If you deposit more than your INCOME, then you have to pay 50% TAX on that money and rest of the money shall be ceased for 4 years (you can’t use that money).

Update 2: Their is mistake in Printing in New Rs 500 Currency Note due to large cash demand. But the note is valid and you can use it.

Update 3: The RBI has started CRACK TEAM to help pensioners, monthly salary withdrawal from Banks. The CRACK Team shall be available in every BANK from Monday 28th Nov 2016. You can get help from this team, if you want to withdraw Monthly salary & Pension.

The PM Modi has revised ATM Limit/ Old Rs 1000 Note is Banned to use, Toll Tax date is 2nd December 2016. Download RBI Bank Post Office Slip Download Deposit / Exchange Form Old ₹500 ₹1000 Notes

RBI 25-11-2016 News –

Update 1: From today, you can’t exchange Old Rs 500/ Rs 1000 notes from Bank or Post Office.

Update 2: The Note Rs 1000 is totally banned & is no legal tender to use in any type of payment. But you can deposit Rs 1000 currency note at Banks only.

Update 3: Toll-Tax is free till 2nd December 2016.

Update 4: The Limit of ATM is Rs 2000/- only. & Limit to withdraw from Bank 24000/- per week.

Update 5: The Old Rs 500 note can be used in Hospital/ Medical Store/ Petrol Pump till 15th December 2016.

24th Nov 2016 Updates

Update 1: Today is the last date to use Old Rs 500/ Rs 1000 note at Petrol Pump/ Govt Hospital/ Medical Shops etc.

Update 2: Around 1.20 Lakh ATM are now calibrated for new Currency notes – Rs 500 & Rs 2000 note.

Update 3: Limit from ATM is Rs 2,500 per card/ per person.

Update 4: The LIMIT of Withdrawal from ATM shall be increased to Rs 10,000 from 25th Nov 2016.

Update 5: Around 256 Big Bazaar, can be used to get Cash of Rs 2,000 per card.

Update 6: The farmer can get Loan from Shakari Bank/ Samiti or Cooperative Banks. As Central Govt has approved Rs 21,000 crore to NABARD.

23-11-2016 RBI Updates

Update 1: You can also withdraw Rs 2000/- from Big Bazaar Swipe Machine.

Update 2: Cash Withdrawal of Rs 2.5 Lakh for Marriage. Rule 1If you money in your bank before 9th Nov 2016, that money can withdraw (Limit is 2.5 Lakh). Rule 2: If marriage is before 31st December 2016, then only you are eligible to get the money. Rule 3: You have to show marriage (Shaadi Card) in the Bank by Bride/ Groom family.

Update 3: Farmer can get Rs 25,000 per week.

Update 4: Business man can get Rs 50,000 per week from their current account.

Update 5: Parking is free at Air Port till 28th November 2016.

Update 6: The IRCTC ticket charge is also exempted. (Rs 11.25) is now exempted.

22nd Nov 2016: Reserver Bank of India Slip Download – check the updates on 22nd Nov 2016.

Update 1: The farmer can use their Old Notes Rs 500/ Rs 1000 to purchase – Fertilizers/ Crops/ Beej etc. at any Govt Authorized dealer with bills.

Update 2: The ATM Withdrawal limit is 2500/- per card/ per day.

Update 3: Exchange limit from Post office & Bank is Rs 2000/- per person (one time).

Update 4: RBI Helpline & Support for ATM/ Cheque/ Bank Staff .

21st Nov 2016:  Alwar – 1.28 Crore old Rs 500/ Rs 1000 note found in Car, 93 Lakh Black money captured in Jharkhand. In Mumbai 1.20 Crore Black money was found in Skoda Car. In Rajkot also 1.30 crore was found in bags (Commission 30%) to convert them in Rs 100 or Rs 2000 notes.

Update 1: Don’t deposit other people money in your account. If found guilty by Income Tax, you may be jailed for 7 years.

Update 2: More than 35000 ATM are now working fine & calibrated to withdraw new Rs 500 & Rs 2000 notes.

Update 3: More than 3000+ POS (point of sale) swipe machine are working, so that you can get Rs 2000/- per day per card.

Update 4: Today limit is Rs 2000 to exchange money & Rs 2500/- Per Card ATM withdrawal.

Update 5: Marriage card holder can get Rs 2,50,000 cash from Home Bank Branch.

Update 6: A begar with 1.86 Crore found in Tamilnadu.

19th Nov 2016: Today update for Demonetization of Rs 1000/ Rs 500 notes -Exchange/ Withdrawal limit.

Update 1: Today, Customer must visit their home branch to exchange Rs 2000/- notes, the senior citizen can visit any branch to get their old notes exchanges. (The female/ lady are also not allowed).

Update 2: All over India more than 3500+ petrol pump are also giving money by using Card Swipe/ POS Machine. The quota of petrol pump is Rs 1,00,000 per day to all customers.

Update 3: Most of the ATM Machine are calibrated now around 35,000 ATM are functional for new notes.

Update 4: ATM Finder/ Cash No Cash Google Android App or .APK is now available. You can download free CMS ATM Finder App for your mobile to get realtime status of ATM working or not working/ cash or no cash. >> More Details here 

18th Nov 2016: New Rule of Exchange & ATM Withdrawal for farmers/ students/ marriage.

Update 1: The daily limit to exchange of old money has been revised to Rs 2000/- (Only One Time). Previously it was ₹45000/-.

Update 2: If you have marriage in your family, you can get upto ₹2,50,000 by showing marriage card to the bank manager, the bride & groom family can get separate  2.5 Lakh.

Update 3: The farmers can now get Rs 25,000 per week by using their Kishan Credit Card/ Loan of Crops (Fasal Loan).

Update 4: No Toll till 24th Nov 2016 on Highways.

Update 5: Group C/ D employee (state & central) Govt or Railways gets Rs 10,000 cash salary in Advance this month.

18th nov 2016 old money exchange news

17th Nov 2016: The RBI has given guideline to all bank regarding INK, PAN Card, No- Photocopy required, Original ID only – Download 17th Nov 2016 Deposit Slip for Rs 500/ Rs 1000 Exchange or Deposit. The Cheque amount withdrawal amount for Current/ Saving Account. – Rajya Sabha/ Lok Sabha meeting results. Today Mamta Banerjee & Arvind Kejriwal is going to organize rally in Delhi.

Update 1: Now, you don’t have to print photostat of ID proof for exchanging demonetized Rs 500/ Rs 1000 notes. But, you must have valid original ID at the time of exchanging notes Rs 500/ Rs 2000 new notes.

Update 2: You can track ATM having cash or not by using CMS ATM Finder App (APK) from Google Aps. There are total 57,000 ATM of CMS company. They provide realtime status of ATM giving new notes or Rs 100, Rs 50 notes etc.

Update 3: You can only exchange Rs 4500/- INR one time only. There is not limit of depositing money in your account.

Update 4: To deposit more than ₹50,000, you have to write PAN card number.

Update 5: The Jan Dhan Account holder must note: Don’t deposit more than Rs 50,000. Or you have to provide detailed information about the deposited money to Income Tax.

Update 6: All temple, religious places, shrined, NGO has to give their Cash Deposit details to RBI/ Income Tax Department.

Update 7: For Current account holders (IT/ or any type of Partnership Firm/ Pvt. Limited Company) deposit limit.

16th Nov 2016: Till yesterday, the Total Rs 4 Lakh Crore approx old notes has been deposited in all banks. 67 Lakh black money was found at Sonipat Railway Station. In Meerut also, Rs 35 lakh black money was held by the police. Download RBI Exchange Slip/ Form & Deposit old Rs 500/ Rs 1000 notes.

Update 1: From today – the bank are going to ink marks on right-hand finger nails (as in election) to the people who are going to change Rs 500/ Rs 1000 old notes.

Update 2: The customer can only visit bank 1 time till 24th Nov 2016 to exchange old notes for new Rs 500/ Rs 2000 note.

Update 3: There is no limit for deposition.

Update 4: The price of petrol & diesel has been cut (reduced).

Update 5: Reddy Brother (Mining King) is going to organize daughter wedding with approx Rs 500 crore expenditure.

15th Nov 2016 Old Note Deposit Slip & Updates: As per RBI, now customer can withdraw Cash from any ATM without any surcharge (after 3 transaction or 5 transaction in metro cities). You can access ATM as many time as you can.

Update 2: You can now get Rs 20/- & Rs 50/- note from Banks (As per SBI Cheif – Mrs. Aundhati Bhattacharya)

Update 3: The EMI on loans has been reduced to new rates. Revised Loan Rates on Home Loan/ Car Loan/ Personal Loans shall be available on bank website. New Calculate your EMI.

Update 4: The Old notes can be used on Private Hospital also till 24th Nov 2016. The Toll-Tax is free till 18th Nov 2016 (mid-night). The old notes can be used in Govt Hospital/ Petrol Pump etc. till 24th Nov 2016.

Update 5:  You can withdraw Rs 24000/- with in a week using Cheque/ or in One day.

14-11-2016 News on RBI: Today bank are closed due to Gurunanak Jayanti (गुरुनानक जयंती) – The Banks in Odisha/ Maharashtra/ West Bengal/ Punjab/ Haryana/ Delhi/ Mumbai/ MP/ UP are closed today. The customer can use ATM to withdraw Rs 500 (new note) and Rs 2000 notes.

Revised ATM & Bank Counter Limites (Exchange & Withdrawal): The RBI & PM Modi Said that, the customer can now exchange Rs 4500/- per day from  Bank counter or Rs 2500/- from ATM.

  1. The limit for exchange increased from the existing ₹ 4000/- to ₹ 4500.
  2. The weekly limit of ₹ 20000/- for withdrawal from bank accounts has been increased to ₹ 24000 and the daily limit of ₹ 10000/- per day stands withdrawn.
  3. The daily limit on withdrawal from ATMs has increased to ₹ 2500/- per day in the recalibrated ATMs.

Is my Bank Branch OPEN TODAY

Check if your bank branch/ post office is open or close today >> 14th Nov 2016 Bank Status

13th Nov 2016: Changes in RULE for Old to New Note Exchange – Old Citizen or Female will be given priority (Separate Queue/ Line) in Bank. Ask the Branch Manager to look into this Matter. The Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitley said in yesterday conference that – to calibrate the ATM machine in 10-15 days. Download RBI Slip to exchange or deposit Rs 500/ Rs 1000 currency notes in Postoffice or banks.  You may have received SMS from your Bank that today, ATM will be working and CASH is available for withdrawal. The New Note Rs 500/- is still not available in ATM. The customer must enter their amount in Multiple of Rs 100/- only. Rs 2000 (new note) is available in ATM of SBI/ SBBJ/ Axis Bank/ UCO/ Canara Bank/ Allahabad Bank/ Andhra Bank & Post office.

12th Nov 2016: The RBI has extended use of Rs 500/ Rs 1000 note in Govt Hospital, All Medical Shops, Dairy Milk Shops, Road Tolls are also free till 14th Nov 2016. Petrol Pump also accept old notes. If you have any problem or person not accepting old notes, you must  report to RBI & complaint online through TOLL-FREE Number. Slip to Withdrawal form Rs 2000/- or Rs 500 (New Notes) Form. Yesterday 4 Crore Black Money was caught by Police. In car 2.5 crore was also caught in Delhi.

News & Update 11-11-2016: There are lots of ATM’s out of cash today also. The customer do not panic in this situation. You can download RBI SLIP to exchange old 500 and 1000 notes. There is no limit to deposit your cash in Bank. Below 2.5Lakh deposit of cash in Bank is Tax-Free (under the Grahani Scheme). After that, you have to pay 200% on Tax is deducted from your deposit money.  Read More here 

Other person money deposit Declartion form/ enquiry etc. Complaint about ATM not working/ Out of Cash/ Technical error – ATM Kharab ho gya/ paise nhi hai etc. If your relative or anyone is not able to visit bank due to health isssue, you must take declaration in A4 paper, that you are authorised to deposit money in his/ her account.

Update: New Rs 1000/- note shall be issued in 2-3 months as per Times of India, Indian Express. Check the reaction/ selfie after getting new Notes ₹2000/-. The Reserve Bank of India official Slip to Exchange denomination of Rs 1000/- or Rs 500/- old notes from Banks. You can download official slip to Exchange ₹500 ₹1000 note from Banks on 10th Nov 2016. You can exchange ₹4000/- today by using the exchange slip details ie. Your Name/ Bank Details/ PAN Number/ Adhaar Number and denomination of notes ie (number of $1000 note and numbers of ₹500 notes). If you want to exchange more than ₹4000/ daily limit of Bank as per Bank (SBI/ SBBJ/ PNB/ Axis Bank/ ICICI/ HDFC/ Canara Bank/ Allahabad Bank/ UCO Bank/ IDBI/Dena Bank.

Form – RBI Deposit/ Exchange ₹500 ₹1000 old Note Exchange Slip (PDF)

All banks exchange slip of RBI to deposit old notes Rs 500/ Rs 1000 notes.

  1. Axis Bank Exchange old ₹1000 or ₹500 note – Form Download
  2. State Bank Of India (SBI Exchange old ₹1000 or ₹500 note – Form Download
  3. How to Exchange Old 500 Rs and 1000 Rs Form Download
  4. Punjab National Bank (PNB) Exchange old ₹1000 or ₹500 note – Form Download
  5. HDFC Bank Exchange old ₹1000 or ₹500 note – Form Download
  6. IDBI Bank Exchange old ₹1000 or ₹500 note – Form Download
  7. Bank of Baroda (BOB) Exchange old ₹1000 or ₹500 note – Form Download
  8. ICICI Bank Exchange old ₹1000 or ₹500 note – Form Download
  9. Central Bank of India Exchange old ₹1000 or ₹500 note – Form Download
  10. RLB bank Exchange old ₹1000 or ₹500 note – Form Download
  11. Bank of India (BOI) Exchange old ₹1000 or ₹500 note – Form Download
  12. DCB Bank Exchange old ₹1000 or ₹500 note – Form Download
  13. Corporation Bank Exchange old ₹1000 or ₹500 note – Form Download
  14. SBH Bank Exchange old ₹1000 or ₹500 note – Form Download
  15. Canara Bank Exchange old ₹1000 or ₹500 note – Form Download
  16. Dena Bank Exchange old ₹1000 or ₹500 note – Form Download
  17. Yes Bank Exchange old ₹1000 or ₹500 note – Form Download
  18. City Bank Exchange old ₹1000 or ₹500 note – Form Download
  19. Tamilnad Bank Exchange old ₹1000 or ₹500 note – Form Download
  20. Vijyalaxmi bank Exchange old ₹1000 or ₹500 note – Form Download
  21. Ratnakar bank Exchange old ₹1000 or ₹500 note – Form Download

RBI Helpline ATM/ Old Note 500/ 1000 Exchange

You can complaint regarding Black Money to White Money conversion to Police. Or ig you are have report regarding FAKE Rs 2000 note (new) you can also complaint. If you have valid complaint while getting exchange of old Rs 500/ or Rs 1000/- note. You can call the phone number given below. The Toll-Free number 1800 of RBI is not available, but you can call RBI Mumbai/ RBI Delhi / RBI Jaipur/ RBI Lucknow, RBI Bhopal, RBI Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kanpur/ Lucknow/ Chandigarh/ Nagpur/ Chennai, Patna, Kolkata, Pune etc.

RBI Official Help center Number : +91-22 22602201/+91-022 22602944/ 0141 256 3794/ 0612 232 3291/ 080 2297 6412.

The Limit is 2.5 lakh without any problem. If you have genuine problem ie. Purchasing the house, for the marriage, for medical expenses (Operation/ Transplant/Hospital Admit. How they convert the money above 2,50,000 (2.5 Lac). here we have discussed the possible scenario with a genuine common man.

After the currency ban of Denomination 500 and 1000 from 09/11/2016 (Midnight), From today (10/11/2016) the citizen of India can approach to any bank and fill the exchange form for old rs 500/ rs 1000 note. The return of new ₹2000 note is now available in ATM also. You can withdraw more than Rs 2000/- (not from ATM) but you can fill Cheque or Withdrawal slip.

Rule: Deposit/ Exchange old ₹500/ ₹1000 Note Relative/ Family/ Friend [Slip Download]

Deposit money in your Family (Father/ Mother/ Grandfather)/ Friends or Relative account? Exchange old Rs 1000 or Rs 500 note. You can read complete rule & download slip to exchange old notes to ₹2000 note. The RBI has issued notice, that if your relative | Family member (Wife/ Sister/ Mother/ Son) is suffering from health issue or hospitalized not able to visit any Bank, then also you can deposit Rs 500/ Rs 1000 note. >>> Complete Rule Here

Limit/ Dates to Exchange Old Rs 500 and ₹1000 note [Complete Table]

Process With Duration Limit Where You Need
EXCHANGE Old notes ..for New 10 Nov – 24 Nov 25 Nov – 30 Dec ₹4000 More than ₹4000 Bank & Post-office Aadhaar card, Voter ID, Ration card. Passport, PAN ….
DEPOSIT Old notes 10 Nov – 30 Dec No Limit Bank 8i Post-office A valid Bank account or Post office Saving account
DEPOSIT Old notes 31 Dec-31 March No limit RBI Specified Office ID proof, PAN 8, Deceleration Form
WITHDRAW New notes 10 Nov onwards Max ₹10000/ day or Max ₹ 20000/week Bank Counter Post-office Withdrawal Slip or Cheque
WITHDRAW New notes 10 Nov -18 Nov 19 Nov – onwards Max ₹ 2000/ day Max ₹ 4000/day ATM ATM Card
SHOPPING Old notes 8 Nov onwards No value No where Only New Notes
SHOPPING New notes 10 Nov onwards No limit Any where New Notes
PAYMENTS Old notes 8 Nov onwards No value No where New Notes
PAYMENTS New notes 10 Nov onwards No limit Any where New Notes
PAYMENTS Credit/Debit card/ Cheque/DD/online/ E-banking All days No limit Any where Valid transacting Medium

Exchange old Note Slip – Valid to All Banks

Convert More than 2.5 Lakh to New ₹2000 Note – Explained

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  1. I’m a foreigner coming to India on 25/01/2017 and have 3500rs left Will the bank exchange them then?

    • Hii,

      Sorry for the inconvenience. Please visit any of the nearest bank along with your ID and get the money exchanged


  2. Surendra singh shekhawat

    Sir me baroda bank me money change ke liye gya wanha par wo money chanve karne ke liye mna karte hai jab mene retern me manga tab unhone change kar diya wo sabhi member ko ese hi paresan kar rhae hai
    my contact number 8003676896

  3. I am 79 yrs old and my wife 72 years. I have Heart problem and and vertigo. My wife has severe arthiritis and cannot stand for more than 10 minutes.

    There is no access for us to climb our Bank steps and stand for hours without Senior Citizen preferential Q to either Deposit old notes with us for Emergency purposes or draw from our S.B. A/c.

    We humbly Request RBI to issue URGENT instruction to Banks (Oriental Bank of Commerce, Palam Vihar ,Gurgaon-122017 & HDFC Bank, Palam Vihar, GURGAON-122017) to let us enter on preference of senior citizen.

    We shall be very grateful.

  4. Dear respected,

    I have 1old note 500 rs & 1 old note 1000 rs .
    My account in Bank of India Badlapur Maharashtra
    Now I am in Gujarat valsad .
    Bank of India Gujarat Valsad branch not except my old 500 & 1000 rs note so what can I do it.

    • Prashant,

      Get those old 500 and 1000 note exchanged from the same branch as the exchange limit has extended to 4500/-


  5. old note exchange slip is being sold at rs.2/- a copy for exchange at Gramin Bank, Bhitauli Khurd Branch,60 ft road,Jankipuram, Lucknow. Bank employees refuse to give the slip and guide to purchase from the adjucent Photocopy/Net cafe shop.
    Can you help and punish the persons involved in this racket. And HELP the Government in eradicating corruption.
    This game is going on from 9/11/2016.

  6. What os the maximum limit of exchange old notes from the bank…. after 1st of December

    • I am a salaried i dont have single Rs. 500 or 1000 notes to exchange.I just want withdraw my saving when ever i need. 24000 limit is too less. I worked hard to save these money so that it will be help to me incase of emergency and for my retirement. I appeal to goverment of india,not be so harsh with common people like me. The govement should take serious measures on this while tracking black money where it does not effect the comman people.


  7. Change your Old India Rupees Note to

    U.S Dollar at an Affordable Rate,

    with-out Paying any Tax. Contact Us

    Today for more Details.+917829609573

    or email thompsonowen91@gmail.com

  8. My brother an Agriculturist. He does’t have PAN. He has a Bank Account with SBI. Earlier he was doing transactions through Rural Co-Operative society. He has only agricultural income. For labour payments he has hard cash at home and would like to deposit in the account. With out PAN how much he can deposit in his account With SBI. Is it mandatory that he should deposit all the amount in one go.

  9. I have a carant account in hdfc, can i deposit two or three time with old 500, 1000 note

  10. Convert your old Rs.500/- and Rs.1000/- notes in new currency note and for details contact 09871301412 NEW DELHI INDIA

  11. Shahan Selim Akter

    I am bank Mitra. IFSC. UTBI0RRBAGB. My customers can’t deposit & withdrawal. Because we can’t deposit 500 note & 1000 note. And we can not withdrawal money. Bank doesn’t give money. Pm notice that !

  12. saurabh kumar sinha

    may i deposite money in my freind’s account or not .

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