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7 Ways to Remove Bank Indelible Ink (Exchange Old Note Rs 500/ 1000) Finger Nail

The RBI has given notice to all banks that from today (16th Nov 2016) the Bank staff is going to Ink right hand finger nail for the customer coming to exchange old ₹500 ₹1000 notes (with limit of Rs 4500/-) per day. This chemical used in this indelible ink is same as used in election. There are easy ways to remove this ink. As per RBI, the customer can visit only one time till 24th November 2016 (to exchange money), but you can deposit money in your account as many time you want. The Mysore Paints and Varnish Limited (MPVL) has tender to provide election ink and RBI bank ink in India.

Note: This article for the users – who are getting reaction on skin, itching, skin disease, doctor advice etc. If you are removing ink and coming back to bank for old note exchange – this is crime.

Best Ways to Remove Election/ RBI Bank Ink

Below are the 7 ways that can be used to remove your ink from finger nail. This article is only for information purpose only. Please don’t use it to exchange Rs 500/ Rs 1000 old notes (again and again).

1st Way – Use Thinner

As the Ink chemical composition contain 10%, 14% or 18% silver nitrate solution.  A silver nitrate which stains the skin on exposure to ultraviolet light, leaving a mark that is impossible to wash off and is only removed as external skin cells are replaced.

You can use Nail Polish Thinner to remove the bank Ink

2nd Way – Use Washing Soap & Water

You can use washing power – Aerial/ Tide/ Ghadi/ Rin etc. to remove the ink mark.

3rd Way – Use of Tea Bag

There are also effective way to remove RBI Bank Ink using Tea (Chai Patti).

4th way – Petrol/ Diesel/ Kerosene

Some, people are also saying that Election cum RBI Bank Ink used in finger nail can be removed using Petrol/ Kerosene or Diesel.

5th Way – Use of Lemon

This can be very much effective way to remove the Ink. Use Vitamin C (Lemon/ Orange juice ) to remove the stain.

6th Way – Use of Curd (Dahi)

Its seems, that Dahi (Curd) can be another way to remove the bank ink.

7th Way – White Vinegar

This is also another & best way to reduce the visibility of Bank Ink. You can use white vinegar to remove Bank Indelible Ink (Exchange Old Note Rs 500/ 1000) Finger Nail.

Disclaimer: The above ways are only for user, that are facing problem, itching,  skin disease etc. Do not use it in going back to bank for exchanging demonetised notes. These ways are only for information purpose. The ways may or may not work and you are responsible for any kind of damage using these methods.

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