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Reliance Jio4GVoice App not Working : ONLINE SUPPORT & SOLUTION

Jio4gVoice App Not working : Solution & Support

Welcome to Reliance Jio4GVoice App Online Support and Solution Section. Reliance Jio4GVoice App is one of the most Popular and widely used application in Reliance MyJio App Suite. Jio4gVoice App is a free calling app which lets all 2G/ 3G and 4G LTE smartphones to do 4G HD Voice and Video Calling over internet.

Jio4gVoice App uses your Reliance JIO 4G Mobile Number to make a call or receive a call from other mobile or landline number along with SMS Sending facility. But most of the times users face problems like Jio4gVoice App not working Or not configuring. Here we have listed some most updated and frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding Reliance Jio4gVoice App.

Jio4gVoice App Problem : Correct Setting

FAQ #1 : Complete List of Smartphones used with Jio4gVoice App.

Answer : The list of smartphones to use Reliance Jio4gVoice can comprise of any Android phone having Operating System/ OS 4.0 and above.

JIO Live Chat Support Available (See At Right Bottom)

FAQ #2 : Can I use Jio4gVoice on multiple devices with same JioFi Sim ?

Answer : Yes you can, but remember that at a time, only one device can have Jio4gVoice App configured for a particular JioFi sim. If you want to use Jio4gVoice App on another device using the same jiofi sim, you have to reconfigure the new device with Jio4gVoice.

FAQ #3 : How to use Jio4gVoice App with other network like Airtel/ Vodafone/ Idea/ BSNL etc. ?

Answer : Sorry, But right now you can use Jio4gVoice only when connected with Jio Network using Reliance Jio 4G Sim.

FAQ #4 : Reliance Jio4gVoice Rich Call meaning ?

Answer :  Rich Calling feature aworkingllows the user to send location, messages and Images along with outgoing call thereby making call more descriptive. The Receiver will see the media sent using Rich calling feature on its Screen.

FAQ #5 : How to Use Jio4gVoice App with other network wifi ?

Answer : Since Jio4gVoice App can be used with Jio Network only, therefore wen u try to connect Jio4gVoice with other network, it goes offline thereby making it not useful. This is why Jio4gVoice not working with other ineternet.

FAQ #6 : Jio4gVoice is not working, What to do ?

Answer : Configure it Properly and check, If the Jio4gVoice is being used with jio network or not since it cannot work with other networks or you can restart the device.


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  1. Sir I have Jio configuration problem what to do

  2. Dear sir
    I activated bar code from jio app for tacking new jio SIM but SIM seller inform me that bar code is all ready in used by any other Customer.
    My mobile no is 9805739102
    Serial no of my mobile_RZ8H817ZTJV
    IMEI NO.359473075952271/01
    Please help me so that I take jio connection.
    Thanx and regard
    Rajesh Kumar

    • The go to reliance store and ask for another code that is not already redeemed. They will give u another number using which u can take a Jio sim and use it.

  3. Ankit Kumar Singha

    Jio4Voice is giving option for SMS and chat can’t make video calls

  4. I have Coolpad Note 3 with JIO sim in first slot. This device is officially supported right now. After first install of Jio4gVoice and auto reconfigure, thw app works fine and shows status as online. But after restart of the phone,
    the app displays status as “Jio SIM not configured”, but if I skip the message then I am able to use the app though I cannot use SMS feature.

  5. Ramprakash dagur

    Ramprakash dagur s /o kishan singh
    Vill.bhole ka pura
    Post.khedli gurjar
    The.hindaun city
    For rent tower available

  6. All Over good services i reallly thanks full, but one difficulties with BSNL telecom. I am unable to call any BSNL no. Please look at this matter.

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