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Is PM Modi Note Ban Decision Correct? VIEW POLL RESULT Namo app

SURVEY – Note Ban Decision Correct? VOTE HERE

Currency Demonetization in India is correct or wrong decision by PM Modi. On 8th Nov 2016 at 2000 hrs Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has conducted Live conference to nation regarding Ban on Old Notes (Rs 500 & Rs 1000) note. From 9th Nov 2016, the Old Notes of Value Rs 500 and Rs 1000 has been demonetized.

NAMO App POLL Results (narendramodi.in)

Recently on 23-11-2016 (23 November 2016) PM Modi made results public of the poll that “Do you support demonetization or not ?” more than 5 Lakh people have participated in this poll conducted on NAMO APP/ narendramodi.in and 90% of the voters voted for YES we support this decision and 10% voters said NO we are against this decision.

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We are getting lots of support to this decision, but yet common people are suffering their lives/ jobs while standing in front of ATMS, Banks. You has right to post your opinion or Vote your decision on Note Ban in India. The Public has right to give their opinion on the recent Currency Ban.

Is PM Modi ₹500 ₹1000 Note Ban Decision Correct? Vote your Poll

Do you support Demontization in India?

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  1. every 2 years this role is implement then only black money totally corrupted

    • Dr Satyasai Panda

      If I get power then I ll invite Mr Kejriwal the honble CM of Delhi to do the same in Delhi and show an example to the other states of the country. My role ll only to support him and extend genuine help. When we think of the historic changes we should forget the party politics and involve all reliable dynamic leaders of all parties who have the interest in country’s development. We have to see the development of whole mankind of the world in order to live happily anywhere.
      Dr Satyasai Panda

  2. PM Modi ₹500 ₹1000 Note Ban Decision is 100% correct and brave decision…I salute to our PM Narendra Modi JI…..

  3. Ranjeet Singh Bisht

    Rs.2000 new notes should also banned. Rs. 500 note should be available in ATMS. Action required on hoarders of Rs,100 and 50 notes. Awareness of Plastic currency should be taken up like Swachh Bharat scheme. Card swapping machines should be there at ALl Chemist shops Grocery,morning stores,Safal and Mother dairy booths. Old notes should be deposited in bank accounts only and upper limit should be increased to Rs.5 lac. Tax penalty should not be severe on declaring black money after all it will increase liquidity in banks.

  4. Rishindra Shukla

    Yes I Support Demonetization of 500 & 1000 rs. Note it is a good move of Modi sir

  5. Respected Prime Minister Sir, I and my family strongly support support to ur decision of demineralisation. This bold decision was surely required not only to check upon curt option but also to bring economic discipline amongst the people of India. . Come what may, we all are with you despite any kindly of difficulty one may face . Our best wishes to you ever Sir. Warmest regards and with all respectful feelings for you.

  6. Dr Satyasai Panda

    I do support. Even it was hurriedly implemented,inadequately planned still I support it 100% as this is the only way to implement it in this country where the moment some thing planned in the interest of the country ,immediately the same would be communicated to the culprits through unfaithful employees.. Once it has started let us not go back. The magic of Modiji is there to extract the support of the honest citizens who are troubled at present.

  7. Demonetization shall be done after regular intervals, but one thing i want to add is that to facilitate cashless transactions G.O.I shall impose free debit card swipes. No charges shall be taken by the Govt. if the payments are done through credit/debt cards.

  8. Pramila srinivasan

    Prime Minister has taken a right bold step. I feel proud now there is a good leader now for India after the freedom. I support him.

  9. It is a very good step taken. I support this. India will be corrupt free nation truly.

  10. This is the best way to convert black money into white and the best decision of our Respected PM Modi Sir.Sir thank you so much and hats off to you for taking such a nice decision.

  11. Vishnubhatla Chandra Sekhar

    I am supporting to Modi” decission. The presnt currency problem situation is temporary, after January 1st
    Mr.Modi is giving good nation to all of Indian people, presently who is disturbing politicians, they are all
    black money holders. Mr Krejiwal saying h is the Ex Income Tax commissioner, in his time how much money collect from non payers of Income Tax thiefs, present all of the Cine actors in bollywood and Tolywood and industrialists and politicians are all Income Tax thiefs, Why cant in your area to collect the Income tax from them. Mr. Krejiwal you are the Great Thief person you are saying all the words are lies, you are the great actor of the politician. You have no rights to say I am the Ex Income tax commissioner, you are the dangerous politician

  12. I am not person who support any party but support valuable decisions of any party which helps our countries growth.
    According to my understanding the demonetization decision was 100% correct.I feel the people who protest this already having lot of black money and they are in the position “What to do next ?” only way to protest and try to get back the decision.I am sure people of India will see the result of this decision in their future generations.Let us all support our government and keep positive attitude.

    The decision was so tough which any prime minister can make but i am seeing this guts in honorable prime minister Narandra Modi and his ministry even though some extend their was some issue in villagers due to currency availability but we cannot think due to this difficulty we have to avoid valuable decisions for the country instead we have to find the way to solve this difficulties and I am sure it will be settled within a month or two.

  13. Congress always be opposite of banning of 500 & 1000 notes cause Congress loosed there 70 years income. I suggest to our hon. Pm modi g to bann other old notes also n make our all transactions online. Me n my always support modi g

  14. Our beloved P M Sri. NMO took a very good decision to ban ₹.500 & ₹.1000 old notes. My full support to his decision


  16. Adepally Ramarao

    This decision, is a foolish and taken by brainless person. In the long run, there will be severe shortage of food and essential things. Already Lakhs of people have lost Job. It is unfortunate, that we have a leader, who is u educated, and who does or know proper English or nly.

  17. i support this decision

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