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JioPhone OS is not Android? Will it support FB, YouTube, Whatsapp ?

Since the launch of the Reliance JioPhone in the market, everyone is keen to know the specifications of the phone as the phone has been marketed as a “Free phone”. In a country like India, which is one of the emerging markets of the world, this news has taken everyone by a toll and everyone wants to know feature which would be provided to them in this “Free Jiophone“.

A huge number of users are curious to know which operating system which Jio phone will be using. Jio phone will not be using Andriod operating software. It would be using “Forked” Firefox operating software. Does it mean Jiophone users would be able to use applications like facebook, whatsapp, and youtube on their “Free Phone”? We will provide you the answer for this below.

JIOPhone OS -KaiOS [Fork FireFox OS]

KaiOS is a “forked” form of Firefox OS. A “Forked” Operating system is a system in which a software developer uses the source code of one operating software and develop a new independent software. So in short, Jio will use an advanced version of Firefox. FireFox OS is designed by Mozilla. It is a discontinued open-source operating system – made for smartphones & Tablets. Firefox OS first trial was done in February 2012, on Android-compatible smartphones and by December 2014, Firefox OS phones were offered in the whole world. In India, Firefox was first launched in 2014, when Intex mobile used Firefox as its operating system.

This phone was in the range of RS 1999 but could not perform well in the market. The reason for the failure of the phone was not Firefox OS, it was the hardware used on the phone. Soon, Spice, Alcatel and Zen Mobiles also launched smartphones powered by Mozilla’s Firefox Operating system (OS).

Why FireFox OS in JioPhone?

The reason to use Firefox Operating system in Jiophone is that this is a low-cost operating system as compared to the other Operating system available in the market. As Jiophone is provided as a Free phone [only a 1500 security amount is needed] it was necessary for the Jio team to cut down the cost in every feature segment. The other important reason to use FireFox operating system is its compatibility with the Andriod operating system. Both Firefox OS and Android use the Linux kernel. In Lehman language, both of the operating system uses the same coding for their basic programming.

Will Jio Phone Support FB & Whatsapp?

Although, Jiophone operating system KaiOS is compatible with Android and can use its application. But as per the speculations, the phone will not support “Whatsapp” initially.  Users can use Facebook and youtube but whats app would not be available in starting and we can expect the addition of WhatsApp based on the customer reviews.

The expected reason for not adding the WhatsApp is that Jio wants its user to use Jio chat – an instant chat application from jio app store. this application would be pre installed on the phone also.

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