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Reliance JioCinema App Settings : Online SUPPORT & Helpline

Reliance JioCinema App Setting

Welcome to Reliance MyJio App LIVE Support and Helpline (Autonomous-UO). JioCinema App is free under the Welcome offer of Reliance JIO 4G sim till 31 December 2016. JioCinema App is a video library which offers users to watch High Quality Movies, TV Shows, music videos, Jio shorts, trailers etc., of almost every Indian language like Hindi/ Urdu/ Kannad/ Bengali/ Tamil/ English/ Marathi/ Bhojpuri/ Punjabi/ Gujrati/ Telugu etc., But it should be configured properly before you enjoy free Quality videos.

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Some Frequently discussed problems with JioCinema and their solutions are listed below. Please have a look :

Problem with JioCinema App

FAQ #1 : Can I use JioCinema without internet ?

Answer : The answer to this question is NO, But you can use this app with even slow connection until the app player make the adjustment with the available internet speed.

FAQ #2 : JioCinema App is not Downloading. What to do now?

Answer : Devices to Use JioCinema App : The JioCinema App is Compatible with Android Smartphone and Tablets (Android OS Version 4.3 or Higher) and iOS (version7.0 or high). If you are using the valid version of OS then please check the internet connectivity and restart the device.

FAQ #3 : How to select Video Quality in JioCinema App ?

Answer : To select the video quality in JioCinema App while playing the video, the process is to see at the TOP RIGHT of the screen, you will see the three dots (ellipses). tap on it and select the Quality option and save it by checking Remember my Setting

FAQ #4 : How to download Latest Movie/ TV Show from JioCinema App ?

Answer : Reliance JioCinema App does not support downloading or offline video watch facility till date.

JioCinema App Online Support Helpline

FAQ #5 : JioCinema App Is not opening, what to do ?

Answer : First of all update Reliance JioCinema App with the Latest Version available on Google Play Store or Apple App store (Depending up on the device you are using). Now again check the internet connection and restart the device, Now enjoy Reliance JioCinema App for free.


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  2. Mansing Ganpatrao Khandagale

    I am using one plus two mobile Jiocinema app is not install in it . after downloading it gives error 505 other apps are working so please

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