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Jio Live Chat Support

Reliance Jio 4G SIM Live Chat Support

The Jio Customer may be getting problem related to Jio4GVoice Configuration/ Internet Speed/ No Network/ Disconnect calls/ Incoming & Outgoing calls problem etc. In this page, www.4gsim.in is going to provide easy solution & helpline via Online Jio Chat Support to the existing & new customers. After the official Welcome Offer launch, the users were in huge rush to Reliance Digital Store & Mini Xpress shops for new Jio 4G SIM. There are two type of Jio SIM (Blue Color & Orange Color) — Check: What is Difference between Jio Blue & Orange 4G SIM?

There are two ways to get Live Support from Jio Company. a) Via calling toll-free number b) via emailing your problem to them. Our team, is planning to introduce ONLINE CHAT for JIO Customer (Free of Cost).


How Can I Get Live Chat Support

The Jio Chat Support is active on this website (not on www.jio.com). We welcome all the messages related to Jio SIM/ JioFi Wifi Device Setting/ 3G Dongle to 4G Convert/ 4G VoLTE support phone & settings/ activation/ Welcome Offers Upgradation after new years 2016. The customer must tell their problem via Online Chat system here and we or other member reply & solve your queries.

BSNL/ Airtel/ Idea/ Vodafone Live Chat Support.

The Live Chat support for other telecom operator i.e BSNL/ Vodafone/ Idea Celluar or Airtel is also carried out here. You can ask you questions

a) How to get new BSNL 4G SIM?
b) Speed of Internet 4G SIM?
c) Airtel new offers via Online Chat Support.
d) my Recharge not done but Paytm Wallet money is deducted.
e) Vodafone Postpaid bill more. etc
f) Idea Celluar 4G speed problem.
g) BSNL 3G Special Recharge/ Plans/ Offers Diwali
h) Diwali Airtel/ Vodafone/ BSNL/ Idea Plans & Internet Offers.

Reliance JIO 4G Sim Support Online Chat: FAQ Answers

Numerous users are encountering problems while Reliance JIO 4G Sim Activation/ Operation/ Network Congestion/ No tower/ Barcode Lost problem/ Bar code not generating problem etc.

  1. How Can I buy Reliance JIO 4G Sim Online ? – Not Possible till now
  2. Can I get Reliance JIO Welcome Offer extended after 31 December 2016? – Till now no such information available.
  3. Can I generate 2 barcode on my mobile ? – Not Possible due to MyJio App.
  4. I have Lost the Reliance JIO Barcode, What should i do ? – Uninstall MyJio App & re-Install the App.


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