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Jarvis Software Mark Zuckerberg Explained WORKING & VIDEO

The facebook CEO Mark zuckerberg has designed a Security Software named as Jarvis and here we will tell you how it works and the Latest Video of Jarvis working with Mark his wife Andrea and their daughter Max. In December 2015 took this personal challenge to build a Simple Artificial Intelligence (AI) software system to run at his home and by the end of 2016 he finally did this and demonstrated the working of Jarvis to the whole world. Here are some simple questions which has been answered here to understand the working of Jarvis :

What is Jarvis ?

Jarvis is a Artificial Intelligent Software system that can control home security along with home appliances like lights, temperature, music and security. It can also play with kids in the house. Using several Artificial Intelligence Techniques like NLP (Natural Language Processing), speech recognition, face recognition and reinforcement learning, Jarvis is among the most intelligent software of year 2016. It runs on the code written in Python, PHP and Objective C.

Jarvis Working

The working of Jarvis can be understood as, it takes input from its built three user interface as Messenger BOT, iOS Voice App and Door camera then after capturing of user’s request, The Jarvis Processes it in the Jarvis Server. The components in Jarvis Server includes Language Processing, Face Recognition and Speech Recognition. After the processing of the user’s command the Jarvis server perform the ordered task with the connected Home systems as Crestron, Light, Thermostat, Doors, Sonos, Spotify, Cameras, Toaster, and even you can code this to give you your favorite T-shirt on your demand. the jarvis framework is as follows

jarvis-working and framework
jarvis-working and framework

Jarvis Face recognition/ Vision

Jarvis can recognize face and vision by capturing images from all angles using the installed cameras, a simple server is installed which watches the camera and runs a two step process ; FIRST it runs the face detection to see if a face is come in the view and SECOND if a face is found, it runs face recognition to see if the person is the authorized entity or not.


Jarvis Messenger Bot

You can communicate Jarvis using facebook messenger BOT. You can pass on all commands to Jarvis using the messenger bot and get the job done. Jarvis Messenger Bot passes the text message to Jarvis processing Unit to interpret the text into command to perform action.


Jarvis Speech and Voice Recognition

Jarvis uses speech recognition iOS app to communicate through voice and speech. As we have seen the working of SIRI the voice recognition software of Apple, Jarvis Speech recognition takes input from voice recognition software of iOS and then process it with Jarvis Main processor to understand the command.


So Jarvis designed by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg can be seen as the new sensation among the most intelligent software of 2016.


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