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[6 TRICKS]Increase Reliance JIO 4G Speed : 100% Working

6 Working Tricks Increase Reliance JIO 4G Speed

Hello Users www.4GSIM.in is back with some more tricks and hacks which will let you enjoy never ending speed of Reliance JIO 4G Sim. Here we are suggesting 06 Latest Working Tricks to increase the Speed of Reliance JIO 4G Sim. Reliance JIO 4G sim is working fine except the continuous complaints of slow speed internet and call failures due to network congestion in Reliance JIO 4G Network. Below we will tell you most updated tricks and Hacks to increase the data speed of Reliance JIO 4G Sim which are 100% working and tested.

Latest Tricks/ Hack to improve JIO 4G Internet Speed

Since the inception of Reliance JIO 4G Network in India Indian telecom Market, It has transformed the whole market with its lucrative policies and offers to the subscribers and hence became successful in joining approx 20 million subscribers in such a short period of time but since last few weeks, There are Plethora of complaints related to Reliance JIO 4g slow internet speed and call failure/ Network congestion and people are often seen to look for latest working tricks and Updated methods to Increase Reliance JIO 4G Speed. But here we bring for you 06 updated tricks and latest method to Increase reliance jio 4g internet speed.


TRICK # 1 : APN Setting

  1. Go to your phone settings
  2. Select Mobile Network Option
  3. Click Jio 4G
  4. Now click on Access Point Names
  5. Click on APN, type JIONET and click on ok
  6. Now click on the server and enter www.google.com.
  7. Click on APN Protocol
  8. Select IPv4/IPv6
  9. Now click on APN roaming protocol
  10. Select IPv4/IPv6
  11. Now restart the device and enjoy the increased reliance JIO 4g speed

TRICK # 2 : Empty Cache of Android Phone

If you are an Android Phone user, Using Reliance JIO 4G sim in you phone and looking for Slow 4G Internet speed problem Solution, Then all you have to do is to go to the cache memory setting of your and clear it to empty the cache of your android phone. This will surely help you up to a great extent.

TRICK # 3 : App Cleaning Wizard

Generally, we kept install a lot of application which we never use. These apps not only acquire storage of device but also affect the speed of your phone badly. So in App Cleaning Wizard you have to remove all useless apps from your and make the storage free as well as free processing unit to increase the speed of your phone along with 4G internet.

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TRICK # 4 : Change your Browser Settings

No matter which browser you are using, but if you want your browser to help you in opening webpages quickly, You can enable the text mode option of your browser after which you don’t see the images in your browser which in-turn takes much less time to open because images are generally large in size and consumes a lot of data and speed to open.

TRICK # 5 : Using Internet Booster Applications

When you have Google Play Store then don’t you worry about anything, Google Play Store has multiple Internet Booster Apps for Android and iOS, you can install any of the internet Booster App to increase the speed of your Reliance JIO 4G Sim internet.

TRICK # 6 : Background data usage of Apps

There is a feature in your smartphone which you may not be aware of, There are many apps that constantly use your mobile data in the background without your knowledge. This will consume lots of data so you need to stop the background data usage of the apps. There are many third party app to stop the background data usage.


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