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Get 20% Extra 4G Data in JIO : 5 Mins Complete Process

Get 20% Extra 4G Data in JIO: 5 Mins Complete Process

The largest 4G network in India having high-speed mobile internet connection Reliance Jio now has a new offer for its users. The Reliance Jio is offering 20% extra data its customers but there are some conditions.

How To Get 20% Extra Data From Reliance Jio-

This 20% extra data is only for the users who are using its LYF smartphones. So, users if you are planning to buy a new phone, Get LYF smartphone from your nearby showroom. That means the users who are using LYF Smartphone are eligible to get 20% extra data on their phone and they will get 1.2 GB data.

Buy LYF Smartphone and get 20% extra data on Jio 4G-

As earlier told that this 20% extra data scheme is only for LYF users, there are some conditions also, the conditions are following-

  • The phone should be of the brand LYF.
  • The range should be in between Rs.6600 and Rs.9700 that come in sub-brand ‘water’.

Now, all the Lyf smart phone users who are eligible for 1 GB of free 4G data can get the benefit of  20% extra data, that is 1.2 GB per day means you will get extra 204.8 MB  data from Jio.

Why Reliance is offering 20% extra scheme on LYF Handset-

According to Cyber Media Research, the number of LYF handsets sold by Reliance put on the market fell to 7.4 lakh from 22 lakh post-September 2016. So, this was the only way to gain Reliance Jio offers that a person buys a Reliance LYF smart phone.This offer comes at a time when the sale of LYF handsets started staggering. That is why Reliance Jio is offering that.

So, users are always ready to have extra and extra offers from Reliance Jio.  There can be more surprises for you from this largest network i.e. Reliance Jio.

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