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What is Flipkart SmartBuy? Self Branded Product List

Self Branded Product by Flipkart ‘SmartBuy’ Lowest Prices

Now, this is different in Indian E-Commerce Market. Flipkart has sent email to its all customer regarding new Scheme/ Self Product with very cheap price compared to the Amazon or PayTM or Snapdeal products. The Flipkar Branded Product has been named under Smartbuy. This is the first private business under the Flipkart SmartBuy. The product list & price is minimum compared to the market regular price.

The Amazon Basics is also similar to the Flipkart Smartbuy , where Amazon sells its self-branded Headphones, Speakers, and other products.


What is Smartbuy by Flipkart?

This is another great move by Flipkart in the E-Commerce Market. Now, Flipkart is selling their own Brand products/ tag of Flipkart under the “Smartbuy”. At present Flipkart is selling their branded chargers and data cables, Bluetooth speakers and headphones. This may given tough competition to the Amazon.in Basic branded products.

Other Flipkart Brands

Home Appliances & Personal Health Care: Citron by Flipkart was launched 2 years back
Clothing (Men/ Women): Flippd brand by Flipkart was launched.
For Consumer Electronics: Digiflip brand was launched by Flipkart.


Products List Flipkart Smartbuy & Offers.

At present Flipkart is selling Data Cable, Bluetooth Speaker, Power Banks, Headphone, earphone, Bluetooth devices etc.

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