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First Look Rs 10 Plastic Note RBI Orders to Print Rs 10 New Notes

Images of new plastic note of Rs 10/- value. First look of Rs 10/- plastic note is soon going to be available online. The Reserve Bank of India has been ordered by the Government of India that they can conduct field trials for new currency note (Plastic Rs 10) value note in five cities. The Minister of State for Finance Mr. Arjun Ram Meghwal said that finally it has been decided to conduct field trials to check durability, cyber threat possibility etc. Now, the RBI is going to procurement of Plastic material/ substrate to print new Rs 10/- plastic notes.

Note: The old Rs 10/- note is valid and shall not be discontinued.

Benefits of Plastic Rs 10 Note

The Govt. of India and RBI is moving towards the plastic money. There are benefits of printing the plastic notes.

  1. The plastic notes has longer durability so, the note are expected to last longer than the cotton substrate bank notes.
  2. There shall be more technical/ cyber security features.
  3. Printing of plastic duplicate note is not easy.
  4. Waterproof and shall not tear off easily.

Over the years, central banks across the world have been exploring different solutions like plastic notes and other developments in banknote substrates for extending the life cycle of banknotes.

Image of Rs 10 Note

The minister also said an inter-disciplinary Standing Committee on Cyber Security has been constituted to review the threats inherent in the existing and emerging technology and suggest appropriate policy interventions to strengthen cyber security and resilience.

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