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[CYBER FRAUD] Delete these 4 Apps NOW : Home Ministry INDIA

Uninstall These Apps Now

Attention Please, If you are a smartphone user and also make banking transactions with your mobile, please beware of the below listed 4 apps which you should delete immediately to save yourself from cyber fraud by ISI backed Pakistani Hackers. As per the advisory issued by Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, Indian Mobile users should immediately uninstall these four applications from their phone which they suspected to be authorized by ISI backed Pakistani Hackers which may do a cyber fraud with you or can steal your sensitive information by using any of these apps. So whether you are an Android User or an iOS user you should Immediately delete the below mentioned apps from your phone.


4 Apps to Be Deleted Home Ministry

The name of most dangerous app is Talking Frog followed by MP Junk, BD Junky etc. Here is the complete list :

  • Talking Frog
  • BD Junky
  • MP Junk
  • Top Gun

As per the advisory issued by Home Ministry of India on 13th December 2016, After the demonetization of old 500 and 1000 notes, country is going towards digital economy and this gives an opportunity to India’s enemy Pakistan to invent new ways to cause hurdles in Indian economy and people of India. Since before the demonetization step, pakistan use to send fake currency to indian markets and since India has banned all its old notes of denomination 500 and 1000 which accounted 86% of the total indian currency in the market, They are now looking for new ways to hack into the mobile phones of the indian banking customers and steal their sensitive information like Account Number, Netbanking ID Password, Transaction Password, ATM Pin etc. to do the cyber fraud and harm the user. So please check your phone again and if you are using any of these apps, delete them immediately and ask your friends to do the same at once.


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