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Black Money News [Old ₹500/ ₹1000 Notes] to White Money

12th Nov 2016 – Latest Black Money Caught by police and Income tax in Car/ Hotel/ Farm House and Political Party Leader. In latest incident, 4 Crore Black Money was held by political party in Punjab. In other incident, 2.5 Crore was found in the Car Gate. Watch the video below.

News regarding Back Money/ Raid of Income Tax/ Black money to White money is available on this page. Incident happening daily of Black money into white money (purchasing gold/ silver/ plots/ flat etc). Yesterday, In Aaj Tak/ APB News – the women was found with ₹52000 (52 notes of Rs 1000/- old notes). She was begar in found bag full of money on road. In this page – We are going to tell stories & news regarding Black Money out daily after the Ban on Rs 500/ Rs 1000 note in India. People are find lots of burnt notes of Rs 500/ Rs 1000 currency. Report to RBI or Police.

Report Black Money (₹500/ ₹1000 Notes)

If you want to report black money to income tax or RBI, then it will be very much good for India. You may have a question, HOW CAN I REPORT black money? We have solution for you. Just call the 108 or Police station and tell complaint regarding BLACK Money. If you have fear that your identity will be out, then you can report by calling income tax directly.

Black Money to White Money

Some people are searching for how to convert Black money to white money or more than 2.5 Lakh/ 1Crore/ 2 Crore ( ₹500/ ₹1000 notes) into new ₹2000 notes. Yesterday, the Google India shows Haryana/ Delhi/ Punjab/ Uttar Pradesh/ Maharashtra /Gujarat are searching to “Ways to convert Black money to White Money” without Tax. The illegal process or legal way to convert 2.5 lakh or more black money to white money is now very hard. The India PM Mr. Narendra Modi & RBI has taken this step to make Indian Corruption free/ Black Money free.

RBI Helpline Toll-Free

Exchange old Rs 500/ Rs 10000 note through Bank and Post Office. From today ATM can be used for transaction of New Note Rs 2000/-. The maximum withdrawal of Rs 2000/- per day per card is limited. But after 18th November the limit will be increased. If you have any issue or complaint regarding Bank Staff/ Post Office or ATM. Then you can directly call the RBI Help & Support  team.  >>> Report Complaint Here

The people may find Pack of Rs 500/ Rs 1000 Notes on Road or near by area. You must report this type of situation to police. Don’t take money and deposit in your account.

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