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Benefits of Jio Prime Membership

What is Jio 4G Prime Membership? In this article we discuss important aspects and benefits of JIO PRIME MEMBERSHIP Rs99/-. As per the Happy New Year offer of JIO, all users of JIO has benefits of free internet and unlimited voice calls + Apps usage till 31 March 2017. After JIO free 4G plans are over the user can enjoy same benefits if you enrol for JIO Prime membership.


The Jio has launched new scheme called JIO PRIME (similar word appear in Amazon Prime). In this the customer having JIO CONNECTION or joined the JIO 4G network before 31st March 2017. After joining the Jio Prime, the customer gets unlimted voice/ video calls, unlimited internet (1GB) 4G and 128 kbps per day limit.

Price/ Recharge of JIO Prime Membership

The package of JIO Prime Membership is one time Rs 99 per years. You can recharge for JIO Prime from 1st March 2017. The validity of this is till 31st March 2018. Jio Prime membership is annually Rs 99/- per SIM.You can enrol for

What is you have more than one JIO 4G SIM/ Connection?

If you have more than one JIO 4G SIM or connection, then you have to enrol PIME Membership for all the sim you want to use and avail the benefits.

What is Benefits of JIO Prime Plan?

Below are the benefits after joining JIO PRIME MEMBERSHIP. The benefits can be by recharging with Rs 303 per month. The benefits includes free voice (Local, STD, Roaming, to any operator, anywhere in India), data and SMS that you have been currently using till 31st March 2018 for a nominal charge of Rs 303 per month. You also gets Rs 10000/- Jio Premium membership content bouquet till 31st March 2018.

I am not a Jio user and want to join Jio. What is the offer that I will get?

All customers who join Jio before 3rd March, 2017 under the Jio Happy New Year Offer can continue to enjoy free benefits until 31st March, 2017. New customers who join from 4th March, 2017 can get unlimited benefits till 31st March,2017 by simply opting for the Jio Prime @ Rs. 99 one-time membership fees.

Online Jio Prime Membership Activation/ Process

Jio Prepaid Plans (Latest)

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