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Airtel 5G Sim Launch


If we talk about the best network in India, Airtel is one of them. Actually, Airtel is world’s 3rd largest mobile network. Airtel services are available in more than 19 countries. Nowadays Airtel is having a stiff competition from Reliance JIO which is new only offering 4G services.                                                                                                                                       In India, Airtel is now providing its 4G services to all the towns and villages in India because Airtel 4G services are available only in limited towns and major cities in India and as we go through the Airtel 5G network, currently, this service has not begun yet.


As we told that 5G by Airtel is not available yet but its feature and plans are in views right now. According to the proposed plan network,  Airtel 5G has more capacity than Airtel 4G. With the help of this plan, operators can accommodate larger number of broadband users per unit. Airtel 5G speed will be 20 or 30 times more than the current 4G network.

Airtel 5G VS Airtel 4G:

The main feature of Airtel 5G is speed. It will have 20 or 30 times faster than Airtel 4G. Airtel 5G will have high bit rate, more network coverage, lower latencies, a higher number of supported devices, lower infrastructure deployment costs, higher versatility, and scalability or higher reliability of communications than Airtel 4G.


According to proposed plan, Airtel 5G launch date is expected in the mid of 2018 or can say 2018-2019. With the launching of the 5G network, Airtel will bring data plan also.

There will be two different plansAirtel will make available. They are –

  • 5G postpaid plans with myInfinity and myfamily plan
  • 5G Prepaid plans.                                                                                                                                                                           It is also expected that this plan will be of Rs.40 per GB and speed of this network will be approx. 1 GBPS to 3GBPS.


Airtel 5G  will provide advanced features like –

  • Data rates of 100 Mbps per second in cities and towns
  • Improved and large coverage area of network
  • Improved signal efficiency
  • Allowing large  numbers of connections simultaneously
  • Low power consumption
  • a larger number of broadband users per unit
  • Less number of towers and low battery consumption






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